How to Choose Sunglasses

Now that summer is approaching, and more knowing that we are facing a sunny spring with little rain, we should pay special attention to our model of sunglasses, something that has great importance in our looks. In this post we leave you some essential tips before going to buy your sunglasses.


  1. Graduation : you must take into account your graduation, since some models with a lot of curve can not graduate at high scale, you must speak with your ophthalmologist, to know which lenses can adapt to your level of graduation.
  2. Polarization: Polarized glasses eliminate the reflections of light, in addition to glare, so if you are one of those who do not like to take off your glasses all day, it is a totally essential requirement.
  3. Glasses material : NXT polyurethane glasses are the most resistant to scratches and impacts, so they are the ones with the highest price. If you do not want to spend as much you can choose other materials such as polycarbonate or acrylic.
  4. Use of glasses : you should know if you are going to use glasses for daily use, or if you only want them to go to the beach. In this second case, we recommend some mid-range or even low.
  5. UVB and UVA protection : take into account the protection percentage of the lenses. Minimum has to block 95% for UVA rays.
  6. Filter category (0-4) : look at the side of the glasses, there you will find a number. That number refers to the filter category. Zero means it is almost colorless and four that is very dark. In the European Union, you should always demand that there be the CE mark on your pin, since it guarantees that it conforms to the standards of standard filters. The usual is to use between 2 and 4. However, try to avoid the extremes (especially to drive, since you will dilate too much the pupil if they are very dark).
  7. Face shape : Something very important that you should know is that there will be some models that fit you better than others, depending on your face shape, if you have it round, if you have a big, small nose, etc … If you have a square face you should choose glasses with less angular edges, if you have a round face you should choose those that have more marked angles. If you have a beard, it is preferable that the frame be light and thin, so that the face is not overloaded.
  8. Protective case and suede: It is essential to carry a protective case with you when you use them and never leave them on a table without a case, since you do not know if they can fall. The chamois is also essential to keep them clean without blurring the eyes.