How to choose the perfect sunglasses

The sun is not very good for the eyes, and you can even get temporary glare due to too bright rays. Fortunately, you can protect your eyes from the bright sun with sunglasses. And how to choose them – we will tell in this instruction, which experts from the network of optical salons “Luxurious Vision” helped us to compose .

  • Choose material. Mostly glass or polycarbonate is used for lenses. For sports, driving and other situations where you are actively moving, it is better to choose glasses made of polycarbonate, since when breaking lenses the risk of injuring your eyes is minimal. Glass lenses are scratch and temperature resistant.
  • Pick the right color. For everyday wear, black or green lenses are suitable, as they do not distort colors. If you plan to snowboard, then choose polarized lenses that block too bright light. By the way, only polarized lenses trap infrared rays. Photochromic glasses change color depending on the lighting, making them suitable for any conditions, but their cost is higher than black or green.
  • Pay attention to radiation protection. There are five types of dimming (from 0 to 4), where glasses with a zero level transmit at least 80% of the light, and the fourth – no more than 10%. The former are more likely to create style and are suitable for days with variable cloud cover. Glasses of the second or third category are suitable for everyday wear. Fourth – for too bright places, such as high altitude.
  • Choose the appropriate shape. For a round face, square or rectangular glasses, like, for example, the Mercedes 1044 B, are suitable . For square – rounded massive frames are suitable, emphasizing facial features, such as EMPORIO ARMANI 0EA2056 30101Y. For an oval face, you can choose glasses of any shape. For owners of a sharp chin, it is best to choose the shape of the glasses, in which the bottom will already be at the top, as in Tom Ford 692 16V. If you have an elongated face, then massive glasses with a soft rounding are best, for example MARC JACOBS MARC 275 / S PJP.
  • Look at the quality of the frame. If it is plastic, then it should be resilient, slightly flexible and quickly restore shape. The steel frame must be strong and stiff. The screws holding the arms should not be loose.