Carbon reaches your wrist

Carbon is one of the most fashionable materials in recent years for almost everything. Cars, bicycles and watches are some of the elements built with this material with properties above normal. Thanks to him, the firm TAG Heuer presents a special ultralight, resistant and modern series of its legendary Aquaracer . It is a reinterpretation of this legendary water clock designed for vacation refreshment.

More modern than ever, with an urban look in which you want to look for comfort, sportsmanship and, of course, endurance . The Carbon Aquaracer comes in three references, which are distinguished by their touches of pink gold, blue or yellow.

It is a clock full of positive contradictions. Solid but light. Formal and elegant, but modern . This occurs thanks to the touches of color that play with the black, coupled with the injection of carbon fibers, which seeks to remember the depths of the sea. The watch is airtight at 300 meters, by or that is designed for adventure, either in the deepest of the sea, or the city.