Male fashion: how to avoid buying a fake luxury watch

The fakes are increasingly sophisticated, and some watches can only be identified as false by an expert who must review the internal movement.

Imagine this situation: You are browsing the Internet in search of a luxury watch. Find an amazing offer for the watch of your dreams at half the price you normally have. The website seems legit, but …

Stop doing what you are doing. You are about to buy a fake watch. The most important thing to remember when buying a luxury watch is that in the world of watches, as in life itself, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

“Let’s say you’re selling a watch, and the price is way below normal at auctions, ask yourself: ‘Why is it so cheap?’ If a beautiful Cartier was sold in an auction house for US $ 100,000 and they offer you one for US $ 50,000, ask yourself why you get this tremendous offer, “says Timothy Gordon, appraiser and consultant expert for Lofty, in an interview with Business Insider.

Of course, a high price is no guarantee of authenticity, since counterfeit watches represent an industry of US $ 1,000 million. The fakes are increasingly sophisticated, and some watches can only be identified as false by a watch expert who must review the internal movement. Some even use real gold, like the models they replicate.

Other tips to detect a fake watch include:

  • Missing serial numbers
  • The logos are aligned incorrectly.
  • There are loud ‘ticking’ sounds on the clock.
  • Any sign of poor finishing.
  • The watch is noticeably heavier or lighter than it should be.

Many of these features can only be checked in person, which is the most recommended method to buy a high-end watch. If this is not possible, it is best to buy from an online store that has brand authorization to sell their watches.

The good news is that if you go to the right place, it’s hard to run into a fake watch. Most fakes are sold to people who are looking for fake watches at prices substantially cheaper than what an original one would cost.

“Almost the only chance you have of accidentally buying a fake watch these days is through a transaction with a private seller that says ‘do not know if the watch is real or not'”, Ariel Adams writes in Forbes. “The fakes are mostly in the wrists of people who know they are using fakes.”

They want these replica models for the status that these expensive watches provide, without the hassle and economic sacrifice of getting an original watch.

Buy from a reputable dealer, and it is very likely that you will not have problems with fake watches. Look for offers and it is possible that cheap is expensive.