Wooden Watches for Men: Kerbholz

The world of men’s accessories has never been easy to deal with or compete because there will always be good brands that have a lot of time in the market and are completely reliable. That’s why the boys decide to go to the store and try on some of these models and end up choosing something that is not new or out of the ordinary but will make them look good and they also know that they will last a great time because they are made with good materials and are a completely reliable brand. We can talk openly about Casio , a company with countless years of growth and reliability that it has generated in its customers thanks to its great inventions.
Casio not only stands out for having watches for men , they were deployed to those of women and also drew lines of musical instruments and other technological objects that facilitate, without a doubt, the lives of their customers.
But we are not here precisely to talk about the Casio, but if to comment on the new watches that are revolutionizing the market of men’s accessories, they have a different look, it is original, out of the ordinary and the best thing is that it is made with materials that you have never expected before.
Forget about gold and silver that although they give an interesting and elegant appearance to the body, we have already passed the time when you must show others how much money you have in each garment you carry.

Kerbholz wooden watches

Dare to use this new brand called Kerbholz is German and it was founded in 2012. It all started when two German friends decided to take a business trip to Central America and found great opportunities to invest in a new brand that was based on glasses and watches Made entirely of wood , from the moment they decided to launch themselves into the sharks of the international market with this new proposal, we must say, they have done very well, they stand out because they have a series of products made with sustainable and natural materials.
Among all the manufacturers in the accessories market today, they took a chance on something that is completely ecological and natural. And the world is evolving every day, people without realizing it are thinking more about taking care of our entire environment and what surrounds us .

We must not say that this happens in every corner of the world but what big businessmen like German friends try to achieve is that people change their mentality even if it is 60% and start innovating in the world of fashion and the clothes you wear , especially if it is for a common good.
From the entire gallery of products that this brand has, a model was selected that could perfectly represent what we want to highlight about the products.
In Styles Men Blog you can appreciate in more detail all the introduction we gave you a few seconds ago. As you can see below, this is a watch made entirely of wood , cream color, has a rectangular box shape, it protects a black dial that is in the middle where two white waters go that will mark the hours and the minutes. In turn, you can see the red second hand so that you can differentiate it from the other handles, below all this, in white you can see the name of the brand, it was not missing, somewhere it should remind you who the creators are of such fabulous design.
Without a doubt, it is a rather striking watch and we must say that the colors contrast completely. The wood used to make these watches is originally from Nicaragua.
You can find three spectacular designs of different colors depending on the taste of each person, you have them in maple, sandalwood and rosewood. The firm has planted a few trees in Nicaragua to balance the production of its merchandise and also promote certified sustainable forestry, this wood is cured with completely natural oils and waxes. This is done so that the wood is completely preserved and cured, this gives the ability to accentuate the color and be visually attractive.
Do not worry about the size of your wrist because all the designs of these watches are made with Swiss quartz brooches so that it can adapt to any size. All these models you can get online if you need more information you can enter the e-shop and look for Kerbholz Watches to appreciate these three models and see the prices to see if it suits you to innovate a little more in terms of watches.

Do you want to know where to buy the watches?

The best option is directly on Amazon, where the brand also sells. Thus we avoid complications of its website, which is in German.