Ten Essential Items for Men

A basic principle of the style in men’s fashion is that most guys want to look good without spending a lot of money.

Even so, getting the basic items and clothes may require more research than you are willing to do. Well, to alleviate that job Business Insider did the hardest part for you.

Then ten items that do not cost much, but others will think so when they see them in their attire.

Timex Weekender Fairfield. The Timex Weekender Fairfield is a reliable and minimalist style watch that is very easy to use every day, plus it is the perfect size for most dolls. The beautiful watch face looks much more expensive than it is. Timex Weekender Fairfield between US $ 48 and US $ 60.

Uniqlo polo shirts Uniqlo, which could reach Peru , offers a variety of good quality garments, but its premium polo is by far the best. The quality of the shirt is equal or better than some other shirts that cost much more than its price of US $ 10. Get one in each color. Uniqlo Supima cotton polo shirt at US $ 10.

Warby Parker lenses or something similar. One of the most popular brands in the US lens business. It also offers good value for its products. Moons and mounts sell for about $ 95, and look exactly like lenses that cost three times as much. Warby Parker lenses at US $ 95.

Tie Bar Tie Bar has earned a reputation for its unique style in classic designs, and its very low prices make its neckties the perfect choice for men who do not like to spend a lot on a tie. Tie Bar ties at US $ 19.

Leather strap There is no better complement for an office suit than a leather strap. IN U.S.A. Costco is the place to find a relatively cheap belt. Its offer includes high quality belts that will last forever, worth the price of US $ 18. Brown Kirkland Signature strap at US $ 18.

Stan Smith or other shoes in suede. The Stan Smith in their classic green and white are one thing. They look great, but they do not look particularly expensive. All that changes now that they come in elegant suede. Stan Smith in suede at US $ 85.

Everlane canvas bags. Quality bags tend to be expensive, but it does not have to be that way. The minimalist detail of Everlane in your travel bag is the perfect intersection of reasonable price and high quality. Everlane Weekender at US $ 98.

Levi’s jeans in dark denim. For reasons that are not clear, jeans appear much more expensive when they are darker than indigo. Make sure you have a pair in a darker color so you can take them to events where normal jeans just do not fall well. Levi’s jeans at US $ 70.

Clark Bushacre Boots 2. The Clarks Desert boots are one of the best boots of three seasons. They combine with a lot of costumes, they are relatively cheap, and they look great. Its pair, Bushacre, offers the same except for the “relatively” part. Clarks Bushacre to US $ 70.

Costumes Suit supply. Suitsupply suits are quite cheap, but that does not mean they look bad. They skillfully avoid the shortcomings of a “cheap suit” by using large cuts and quality fabrics, which makes them look like costumes that are much more expensive. Suitsupply Suits from US $ 500.