The indispensable accessories for a modern executive

Some male accessories, such as braces, cufflinks, and pocket handkerchiefs, are dispensable, that is, a matter of personal preference. Others, such as briefcases, wallets and sunglasses, should have a fixed place in any man’s closet.

The East Dane men’s fashion specialist, Chris Green, shares five timeless accessories that every modern executive must possess. It is best to think of each of them as an investment, since you will use them for several years.

For each category, there is a lavish, mid-range recommendation, and a more affordable one.

1. Briefcases “A briefcase is a very versatile and necessary basic element for the work day.” An added design advantage is that most have shoulder straps for when your hands are busy.

2. Watches. “It’s a classic, impeccable look, I like smart and durable watches – these have the perfect balance.”

3. Wallets and purses. “I’m a big fan of leather products – most of East Dane’s wallets have a wonderful high-gloss finish that improves over time, wear only reinforces the authenticity of

4. Sunglasses. “There’s nothing like a pair of eternal sunglasses, when I want to improve my look, a color frame adds the perfect edge.”

5. Travel bag. “Living in New York is great, but sometimes I like to escape from the city on weekends, especially in the summer, for me the perfect bag for the weekend has to be versatile, it has to look good in the office and at dinner, and they have to have enough space for when that two-day weekend is extended to three. “