Back Hair for Men: Latest Hairstyle Trend

Hairstyles with hair pulled back, short or long, are perfect for any time of the year. In our gallery models and international stars show us how cool this hairstyle can be. Just a comb and some hair gel ! Here’s all you need to know.
If you want to revolutionize your hairstyle without too much effort, there’s no easier way than using a little gel to comb your hair back, whether short or long.

Man back hair: from casual to elegant

The gel is composed mostly of liquids retained by a polymer network. The gel makes the hair more moist, keeping the water inside them without dripping, while the humidity keeps the hair in position giving them a shiny and shiny look. These effects help create new hairstyles, perfect for when you want to look tidier.The hairstyles with gel can be combined with both casual and elegant outfits. The backward wet hair can create both looks. Colin Farrell and Rupert Friend know the advantages of the gel well and know how to use it, creating voluminous hairstyles that do not flatten. Colin Farrell combed his hair using his fingers. Rupert Friend instead used a comb to comb his hair backwards. Despite this difference, both hairstyles look elegant with a modern and casual touch and go incredibly well with both a jacket and tie outfit and a t-shirt and a pair of jeans
In these photos, hair gel is used to create hairstyles with short hair pulled back. Short haircuts with longer hair over the head can be easily styled using a small amount of gel to make sure the hair is in order. The gel is also ideal for hairstyles with the line, as we see in the photo.

Man back hair: how to use the gel correctly

To get the best results it is important to use the gel correctly. If you let your hair dry in the air you should apply the gel after shampooing, while the hair is still damp. But be careful not to overdo the quantities: take a small knob of gel, distribute it on your fingers and gently apply it to your hair. Adding another bit of gel is simple, but if you overdo it and want to remove it, all you have to do is wash your hair.

Man back hair: tips on how to use the gel

To ensure that the combing is perfectly smooth and straight, you can use hairpins to keep them steady during drying, as shown in the photo. A small handkerchief between the hairpin and the hair prevents them from leaving visible marks.

Another important thing to know is that the gel, as well as the hairspray , exists in various grades of holding strength. The less strong gels are suitable for more flexible hairstyles, while those with greater hold are suitable for those who want their hair to remain in place at all times.

Conclusion: before using hair gel it is important to decide if you want a softer and more flexible hairstyle or more precise and firm. Once you’ve decided on this, all that remains is to choose the gel accordingly and give vent to your creativity!