Curly Haircuts for Men

Hedgehogs have the advantage of making any hairstyle look full and voluminous, both if your hair is naturally curly, and if you have decided to create it to change style. Our beauty tips will help you bring out your rebellious nature, but with well-defined traits.

In the fashion world curls are not always on the crest of the wave, but today they are returning to the limelight, ready to become the new trend. If you want to have the style of a “mountain man”, all you have to do is look for the right curly haircut for men.

Curly haircuts for men simple and fashionable

All it takes is a little practice to be able to create the right styling for curly hair: you don’t need many products and often it is enough to shape curls with your fingers and a little wax. However, there are other male hairstyles that require some extra steps, such as curly hair cuts for men in a preppy style. The preppy style originated in American universities along the East Coast and involves careful but not flat hairstyle, such as scaled and simple cuts. The preppy style is very appealing to men looking for ideas for a new masculine cut for curly hair, as did Penn Badgley.

In our gallery we show you inspirations to find the perfect curly haircut for men.

Curly haircuts for men: Penn Badgley

The preppy style is perfect for men with curly hair. This style originated in American universities along the East Coast. The curls give a touch of charm to a slightly bold cut. With a few drops of hair oil the curls will be brighter and more defined


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