Frequently Asked Questions When You Have Curly Hair

You are from that guild of people who were born with completely curly hair, so in that trance, you have to learn how to fix your hair. You have to know what are those products that you can use so that you do not have more lifting than normal, even when you were little, your mom probably suffered trying to placate those large curlers that always want to be outdoors and rebellious. These are a few thoughts that arise every time a person sees you on the street or asks about your hair. On how you take care of it or how it is possible that you have it so amazing, it will be because you make it permanent or use a special product, the truth is not simply your natural hair.

Questions about curly hair in men

Surely you have ever been asked any of these questions …

When they ask me if my hair is natural

  • Yes Yes it is.

When they ask me if I became permanent

  • No, I didn’t do it.

Why do they touch my hair?

  • Perhaps when you go on the street you have to touch those who have curly hair.

Why don’t you straighten your hair?

  • Because I don’t want to, this is my hair and I like to wear it curly .

Do you have a relative who is African?

  • No, I do not have it, or maybe there are some in my ancestry , I really do not know, nor will I investigate why I have curly hair and if it has to do with my lineage.

When it rains, does your hair get wet?

  • Obviously, it is not a waterproof instrument, I know it is difficult to understand, because it is not very common to have this look so good, but yes, my hair gets wet with rain .

How do they comb their hair?

  • It does not have any problem, it is true, in the mornings we find it a little easier because we do not have to do many things, but we must constantly have it hydrated , combed or conditioned.

Do you also get bald?

The reality and, unfortunately, of all the men who keep curly hair, yes, we can remain bald at any moment.

The important thing, what everyone should know, is that men who have curly hair undoubtedly tend to attract a lot of attention and more when they let it grow so that it falls on their cheeks, if it is your case, try to take care of them with Some conditioners and creams for combing, so you will have very well formed and perfect curls, the girls will hallucinate for you and you will be very good looking