Hairstyle Guide for Men

What hair styles do men of today adopt? What are the right products for each cut? What can be done for incipient baldness? We present the styling rules that every man should know
Nowadays, men who go to the hairdresser only once a year are rare: having their hair in order is part of the daily routine, like shaving. Here are the tips for perfect personal care. Let’s take success for the hair!

Man Haircuts: what to do and what to avoid

Once men simply washed their hair and dried it with a hairdryer, but nowadays they have almost unlimited resources. Whether long or short, you can choose to adopt a sculpted cut like that of Jake Gyllenhaal, or the disheveled and disheveled look of Johnny Depp. Even the most feminine cuts are fashionable, with long fringe and frontal hair with long locks. Owen Wilson sports this unisex style. Be careful though! With your hair you will also have to go to work. Treccine rasta, punk crests or mohicana , tribal or similar motifs drawn with a razor are a matter of taste … or lack of taste.

Man Haircuts: useful tools

In addition to comb and hair dryer, for men’s hairstyles also need the brush. Buy one with natural or massage bristles with rounded bristles, made of rubber or wood. Even the straightener can be useful: make sure you have one of good quality, so as not to risk damaging your hair and scalp with heat. By the way, eyebrows that are too thick should be thinned with tweezers, to be disinfected regularly with alcohol. To keep them in order use a touch of gel wax.

The right products are needed for a haircut for men

  • To model short hair the best choice is the gel, which gives them sufficient hold. However, it is very important to use the right amount. The porcupine tips and the rigid looks like cement are no longer in fashion.
  • If you want your hair to fall softly, choose wax or brilliantine, preferring products with a pleasant aroma.
  • The gel is not suitable for long hair because it stiffens them and makes them difficult to shape.
  • Modeling products in wax or cream help create a natural hair style. Use the hairspray in moderation if you have already applied gel or cream to the hair. The hairspray kept by it, but it can also bring up the greasy hair and untidy.

What to do in case of principle of baldness?

What can you do for thinning hair ? Incipient baldness affects many young people. Stimulating growth treatments and hair transplantation are possible solutions. However, a practical and casual way to come to terms with hair loss is to adopt a very short or completely shaved cut, which can also be very sexy, as Bruce Willis shows. Consult with your hairdresser before deciding and do not hesitate to ask your friends for advice.

Fashionable solutions for beards and mustaches

Opinions are divided on the beard. As a general rule, let your beard grow only if the hair on your face is thick enough. Sparse beards are usually not particularly attractive. Just like hair, the way to wear a beard and mustache follows the trends. Long beards and beards are gaining popularity. Don’t forget to take care of your beard and mustache: you have to wash them at least every two days. Not all hair grows at the same speed: you will have to adjust your beard, as dry, whenever necessary. Wild and uncultivated beards are not at all à la page. The special beard trimmers, also electric, are useful for treating the beard, which can also be used to adjust the sideburns. Those large and bushy are very good for very few, while almost to all donate some sideburns properly regulated,

Unwanted hair

The body hair is useful but not very aesthetic: the hairs visible in the nose and in the ears easily give an overlooked appearance. Removing them is easy. The epilators for nose and ears eliminate unwanted hair, but it is a painful process. To solve the problem there are also adjustable nose gauges with rounded tips. These special hairstyles are limited to cutting the hairs near the root without removing them completely, thus leaving the important protective functions unchanged. Never apply depilatory creams in the nose and ears: they are suitable for legs, chest and back, but if used in the nose and ears they irritate the sensitive mucous membranes.