Hairstyles and beard: Two elements of a unique style

Today’s men always grow beards. Of any kind: full, neat, with a goatee or a mustache … Everything is allowed! Why do men wear beards? How can you effectively combine haircut and beard for a unique and fascinating style? The answers can be found in this article.
Not all men love to shave every day and almost everyone likes to experiment with a beard from time to time. 
The beard, hairstyle and clothing allow man to best express his style and personality. The beard distinguishes men from boys, it has always been synonymous with masculinity and the possibility of modifying it without effort and shaving when you prefer allows men to experiment with different beard styles according to their tastes and mood, even if only for a short time.
The beard can completely change a man’s appearance. A full and wild beard in bohemian style gives a tough man look, while precise beards are more suited to a casual but well-groomed style. The beard can give a more mature appearance to those who have a clean face and more “as a boy” to men later on in life. For this reason those who want to look younger should not wear a full beard.

The male beard and hairstyles go hand in hand. Whether you choose a modern and current hairstyle or a classic formal hairstyle, once you find the right beard style you will finally be able to perfect your personal style.

The beards attract attention. Noticeable or unusual beards can easily become a man’s hallmark.

Tips for the care and styling of the beard

  •  As a general rule, the shorter and more defined the beard, the more elegant it appears. Likewise, the longer it is, the less it is cared for and the more it is suitable for those looking for a wild look.
  • Whatever your preference, you should always shave under your Adam’s apple. In this way you will keep a fashionable but tidy look.
  • Some men can’t grow a beard because the skin on their face starts to itch. This can easily be avoided by applying a little oil to keep the beard and skin soft and soothe irritation.

Find the right beard for your hairstyle

Not all beards are suitable for every man. There are those who have patchy beards, those who have little and there are people who simply are not well with a beard. If you’re not sure which type of beard is right for you, try growing it when you’re on vacation and judge yourself how you see yourself and feel with the new style. This way you will avoid feeling uncomfortable around colleagues or friends. You can also take advantage of it to ask for advice from family and relatives. A full beard may not be the best idea in the summer months, but it can be very comfortable in winter.

If you choose a long, wild and masculine beard, then it will be good to make sure that the haircut is precise and well cared for. That’s exactly how hipsters combine cutting-edge hairstyles with long trendy beards and that’s how this look has become so popular in recent years: it creates a harmony between simply perfect beard and hairstyle!

Take a look at our gallery to find your inspiration to find the combination of beard and hairstyle that is right for you.