Long and modern haircuts for men

At one time, those who chose men’s hairstyles for creative and original long hair received more criticism than admiration, but fortunately today it is no longer the case. Hair combed back with the gel or shaved sideways and man-bun hairstyles in a disordered version: these are just some of the hairstyles for the longest male hair in recent times.
Long hair is very popular among men: sometimes sophisticated, sometimes original, but always trendy, they have established themselves head-on in the world of the most modern men’s hairstyles.In our gallery you can find some suggestions on the trendiest men’s long hairstyles for the moment:

Gallery: the best men’s hairstyles for long hair

Long haircut for men: original and unconventional

Hairstyles with long hair for men still represent something unusual. They communicate the will to affirm their individuality, even if it means breaking traditional standards. Today long-haired men can choose from a huge variety of options and create their own style independently and unconventionally.

The long back hair combed with gel (in the first photo on the left) is elegant and fascinating at the same time: they are easy to make and suitable for any occasion.

Instructions: collect a small amount of hair gel on the fingertips and apply it from the roots to the tips on wet hair, after having dried them with a towel. Comb the hair to get a soft and smooth look.

The undercut cut with braid (in the first photo on the right) is certainly a unique and original choice. The beard creates an interesting contrast with the structured hairstyle.

Styling instructions:
 Cover your fingertips with a small amount of hair gel; then you can get the most out of your hair. Comb your hair for a particularly smooth style. 
The undercut with braid is certainly a unique choice for men with long hair. The beard forms an interesting contrast with the structured hairstyle.