Men Gradient Haircut

The haircut degraded, fade or faded as it is also called, was born in the United States in the 60s. But it was not until a few years ago that it began to be used in other countries and went viral completely.

Who can use the fade cut?

This is a fairly popular haircut currently in which a gradient effect is created in the occipital and lateral regions. The effect is achieved by cutting the hair with the razor at different levels, so that the contour of the hair is shorter and the upper areas have longer hair length.

While the style has been much more so in young people, even older adults could use it; but in the latter case it would be advisable to also cut the crown, instead of leaving the long mane in this area.

Now, if you are young and with straight hair the ideal is to dare to use the fade with the rest of the long hair, and why not some design with a razor. This is undoubtedly a very youthful, daring and very masculine style that is very fashionable.

In which cases is it better not to use this style?

If you are suffering from baldness and you no longer have so much hair density it is best to stay with a classic cut. In those cases, the fade can be unfavorable, since baldness will be much more noticeable.

Another reason to flee to this court is when the gentleman in question has dandruff. Remember that this cut uses very low levels, and even in many occasions to achieve a cleaner gradient is made use of the knife; therefore, your scalp will remain exposed observing in more detail your problem of dandruff.

It is important to know that the haircut degraded requires constant maintenance to look good, especially in those to which the hair grows very fast. So if you do not intend to visit the barber, it’s often better to stay with a classic cut.