Men Long Haircuts – A Guide For Beginners

Every man should let his long hair grow at least once in his life. No matter how old you are, what your loved ones think or what your profession is, as long as you do not work in a place that specifically restricts those things, as long as you have the opportunity to do and most importantly enough hair . Etas decided to let your hair grow keep reading our ideas and tips about long haircuts.

Mens long hairstyles

Now we must admit from the beginning that, unfortunately, in many parts of the world men’s long hair is often frowned upon. “It’s too feminine”, they might say, or “men with long hair are SO unattractive”, or even, your grandmother will surely ask you the following question: “Are you, drug addict / hippie / (or any other stereotype that comes to you? the mind) ? ”

Despite what others will say or think, letting your hair grow is something worth doing for many reasons:

1. It will teach you to have more patience.

Moving from the typical style of a man with short hair to one with majestic hair takes a long time, usually a year or two before the hair reaches his shoulders. Three years or more if it is on the extremely curly side.

Of course, the Internet is full of tips on how to grow hair faster: take biotin (or other supplements), apply coconut oil, gently massage the scalp daily to increase blood flow there, make the “investment method “(Do not do this if you have heart risks, etc.), but there really is not much you can do for your natural and genetic hair growth, except wait.

2. It will teach you to be more resistant.

Almost all men who grow their hair go through several months of something called the “uncomfortable phase”, where the hair has not yet grown enough to show off properly, but enough to make it look messy and strange. This is the period in which you will not know what to do with your hair and you just want to cut it so that it is over now. This is where you must refill the temptation to go and shave your head. If you overcome this phase, you quickly learn not to worry about what others think about your appearance, because the alternative is never to go out in public.

You probably also start receiving comments from people about your hair, especially from friends and family who are not used to seeing it like that. When it is long enough, even strangers may feel the need to give an opinion, good or bad. Naturally, you will begin to stand out wherever you go, simply because most men never dare to let their hair grow.

3. You might be surprised at how your long hair looks.

Most men never learn what their true hair type is. Some discover that they actually have very wavy or curly hair, which they would never have known if they had kept a short haircut all their lives.

4. You will learn how to properly maintain the hair.

When you trim your hair constantly, you can feel free to abuse it all the time with strong shampoos and drying and drying tools with towels, because it will cut it short anyway. However, once you have decided to let it grow, the hair that is close to your scalp is something that you will still be handling within one or two years from now, so taking care of it on the road is key.

5. You will get a new appreciation for other men with long hair.

When you have successfully grown your hair, every time you see another man with long hair on the street, you will know that they went through all the steps and the wait, despite being a personal decision. It’s like joining a secret club, even if it’s small.

6. Long hair is versatile.

You can not do much with short hair beyond using a product, but with long hair you can have a different style every day. Leave it free, use it in one or several ways, put on a hat and let your hair come out of it, put everything in a tight cap, whatever. It’s good to have options.

7. It will help you stay warm in the winter.

You would be surprised how hot your head, ears and neck can feel with long hair.

8. You can potentially look like a rock star or a viking.

There is no more to say. So, what are you waiting for? Let your hair grow!

Note: Despite the title of this article, the tips described below apply to all hair, male or female. Hair is hair, no matter whose head it is. We show a guide thinking about men because it seems that women often have a good hairdressing experience is as if they are born with it, while most men are not taught this kind of thing since birth (almost everything opposite, in fact) and they have to learn everything when they let their hair grow.