Natural Gray Hair : New Trend in Men Fashion is Rocking

No, in this article we are not going to recommend covering the gray hair or talking about the necessary instruments for it. This article is an allegation to leave hair natural , to show our hair salt and pepper, as they call in England that combination of black and gray / white. Because gray hair must become our friends, and as such we have to know them better.

Let’s go with the basics. What are they and how are they formed? The process is called canicie, and it originates due to the loss of hair pigmentation . The cells responsible for giving color to our hair are called melanocytes, which harbor the melanin necessary to have a blonde, brunette or red hair.

The gray hair, symbol of experience

The problem of melanocytes is that of the human species: that it ages. Over time it stops working properly, and melanin does not have enough stem cells to maintain color in the hair follicle. The same happens with catalase, which regulates hydrogen peroxide, one of the causes of melanin not acting as it should. If the hair follicle has already lost melanin and the ability to generate the old hair color, it will never recover it.

Therefore, it is clear that one of the fundamental factors of gray hair is aging . Our cells grow older with us, as if it were a romantic film, and experience the same path towards old age.

Although from a philosophical term we are constantly aging, the average age with which they begin to leave considerable gray is at 30 . Between 45 and 65, more than 70% of men have at least a third of their gray hair, according to the British Journal of Dermatology .

However, there are also premature gray hairs, which can leave before the age of 20. Although most of the time they arise from common factors such as stress, which we will discuss later, having many gray hairs at a young age could be the result of a biological age greater than the due , and that it would be convenient to see it with your family doctor. The reason, the recent studies of the University of Cairo and the UNMehta Institute of Cardiology Research in Ahmedabad (India) that point to a possible relationship between premature graying and future cardiovascular problems, due to the biological age we were talking about. It can also be a symptom of progression, the disease of premature aging.

Not everything is to become greater

In case that your process of canicie is normal, you must know that the aging is not the only factor that causes that you are becoming George Clooney (at least as far as hair is concerned). There are many more that to a greater or lesser extent can accelerate gray hair:

  • Genetic heritage. The latest studies in this regard indicate that the work of genes (especially the IRF4 gene) is essential for the formation of gray or white hair, almost at the same level as aging. Therefore, if your ancestors had gray hair, it is more than likely that you also have them, even when young.
  • Stress. Its incidence is lower, but neither should be overlooked. Anxiety and situations that generate stress accelerate aging in our body. The rest is history.
  • Lack of B12. Diet also influences. Eating unhealthy foods is never good, nor for the process of capillary aging. However, in this area what most accelerates gray hair is not taking products with vitamin B12.
  • Tobacco. Who is surprised at this point that the tobacco negatively affects any part of the body?
  • Diseases. PLOS Biology magazine has uncovered a disturbing relationship between viral diseases and graying hair, and how the reaction of our body’s organisms to a virus can precipitate canities. In addition, it is scientifically proven that diseases such as vitiligo, thyroid or anemia can favor the change of color in the hair.

Betting on gray hair as a guarantee of success

You meet any of these factors and you have your hair full of gray hair. What’s the difference? Gray hair should not be something to hide or hide under a tinge. And of course, it is forbidden to tear them out , because even if it is a hoax that by removing one you will get more, you can damage the hair follicle by acting like a brute.

Having gray hair is natural, and you do not have to become an old man, but an interesting guy if you know how to play with it. Therefore, we recommend that you stop seeing them as a threat, take care of them and make the most of having gray hair. There are two fundamental aspects to make it possible:

  • Buy a special shampoo. Gray hair needs more specific care due to the sun and pollution, which cause some rather annoying and unsightly yellow reflections. To combat them, it is best to use shampoos with violet pigment that return the desired gray tone. But be careful, use them at least every ten days, and do not leave them in your hair for more than three minutes, lest you end up with blue hair. It also looks for these products to be revitalizing, since with the lack of melanin, keratin is also lost, the substance responsible for taking care of hair .
  • Adapt your hairstyle to your new color. A gradient on the sides with the upper area (which by the way, takes longer to have gray) longer is the ideal cut for graying hair. It will allow you to show off your grayish hair and prevent it from being associated with an outdated style or hairstyle.

We regret to say this now that we have convinced you to bet on gray hair, but having them does not mean that we will keep our hair forever . They have kept us deceived all this time. Gray hair and baldness have absolutely nothing to do with it. This is about keeping the hair or not. The people who maintain it over the years become gray because of the issue of aging, but the gray hair itself does not neutralize the fall, they can also be lost.

Perhaps before entering the article this was the only reason why you saw with good eyes have gray hair, but there are many more, and these are real. The gray hair gives a feeling of experience and maturity quite attractive, and show them without hesitation transmits confidence in oneself. In the end you will awaken the envy of the rest, so give yourself a chance and follow a trend that more and more men have embraced.