Perfect Groom’s Hair: Tips

It is known that the absolute protagonist of every wedding is the bride: it is on her that all attention is concentrated, the looks of the guests are placed on her dress and she is the undisputed queen of the party. However, it goes without saying that marriage is one of the most significant days of the groom’s life: that’s why we decided to give some hair styling suggestions to all future spouses, and help make that day perfect in every detail.Have you already decided which dress to wear on your wedding day? Have you thought of all the details, the color and shape of the tie, the shoes and cuff links? Now all that remains is the last step to complete the preparations for your big day: decide which cut and hairstyle is the right one for you.

Groom Hair: Short and Groomed

If you like to wear short hair and are a lover of a clean and fresh look, on the day of your wedding every hair will have to be in order. To be perfect, talk to your trusted barber and avoid the DIY: hairstyle and beard , for example, must be harmonious with each other. For this, try to study which combination of hair and beard is best suited to your personality and the dress you have chosen. In fact, you could opt for a groom’s hairstyle with very short hair on the nape of the neck and on the sides of the head, and slightly longer tufts on the forehead, kept in order by some fixing gel. In this case we advise you to opt for a beard that is not too short, but that does not exceed 9 mm and is well combed above all on the mustache and under the chin.

However, study the shape of your face well and let your trusted barber advise you on which type of beard may be best suited to highlight your features.

Also, try to match your look with the wedding theme: if it’s a casual party, you’ll naturally have full freedom of choice and give free rein to your personality; if instead you will be the protagonist of an elegant party, try to avoid masculine hairstyles that are too extravagant.

Groom Hair: Long and Trendy

If you prefer to wear long hair, here are some valuable tips for your wedding day. During the weeks leading up to the big event, try to treat your hair as much as possible: apply restructuring wraps before shampooing, choose delicate products that thoroughly clean, but do not excessively degrease the skin, and – last but not least – ask your barber to get rid of split ends and freshen up the cut. Remember: not only applies to the bride, even the groom’s hair must be flawless!

The long cuts for men offer many choices that inspire keen to choose the hairstyle groom for you. For example, you can opt for a gathered hairstyle like the man-bun, you can choose an elegant and refined half-harvest or you can leave your hair loose. But don’t forget to leave nothing to chance!