Trends: Haircuts for Men

Short on the sides, straight or with curlers, we tell you what are the types of haircuts that will be all the rage this season and which one goes best with each type of face.

Hair care is up to all of us and knowing which hairstyle best suits our style can be complicated. But much more difficult is keeping up with trends because they change constantly, like everything in the world of fashion. To guide you and set the course, we put together a compilation of the best haircuts for men.

It doesn’t matter if you have round cheeks, angled jaw or prominent nose: there is a perfect look for you. It’s all about cheering up and making a good change.

Haircuts for fashionable men

The way we comb or cut our hair says a lot about our personality. If we are neat, we will give a sign of responsibility and seriousness. On the other hand, if we let ourselves be and we get disheveled everywhere, it is likely that others will interpret a certain disinterest on our part. We give you some ideas so that you get a look that highlights the best of your personality.

Types of haircuts

The number of styles to explore is multiplied day by day. We tell you the trends for  haircuts for men.

Men’s straight haircuts

If you have straight and manageable hair but want some volume, these are the best options for you.

  • Fade or gradient: it is a degraded style on the sides of the head. It means that the upper part remains dense and, on the sides, the hair is reduced progressively, leaving a melting effect.
  • Undercut: this look is a trend and also consists of leaving a greater amount of hair on the top of the head than on the sides. The difference with the gradient is that the sides remain short but uniform. It is perfect for men with square faces.
  • Stripe to the side: the stripe to the side is a classic and will remain in fashion this season. It is a good alternative for less adventurous men.

Haircut with machine

The hair clipper is undoubtedly the best ally of the masculine look. Having one at home facilitates many trips to the hairdresser and saves us the work of thinking what style to wear. Some ideas to keep us cool using a razor.

  • Buzz: the name may not sound to you in English, but it’s about using very short but even hair. If you don’t like wasting a lot of time, this is your hairstyle. It is perfect for men who have clear or large eyes, as it enhances male factions.
  • Flush: it is the favorite option for men with tickets, as it is very favorable. Bringing the hair flush is very fashionable, it is very sexy and it is the logical way out of a problem that, at some point, you were going to have to face. Combining this style with a well-groomed beard can make you earn more than a sigh.

Haircuts with lines

The haircuts of soccer players set a trend for years. They were precisely those who popularized haircuts with lines, gradients, combined and even with super play coloration. His looks:

  • Marked gradient : we can make a degraded style but with personality. Instead of progressively decreasing the amount of hair, we can do it markedly, creating the linear effect. Super and fashionable.
  • Reasons: Another option is to draw some motifs such as stripes, stars or Celtic designs. In addition, we can do it leaving the upper part of the head bushy or take it well flush. There are no restrictions.

Haircuts for men with curlers

If your genetics wanted you to wear curls, you don’t have to worry. The curlers are very masculine and extremely attractive. In addition to freeing our waves, we can experience certain looks.

  • Man-bun:  it is a “male” impeller. It is a super recommended style if we wear long hair and want to pick it up so that it does not bother us while we do our daily activities. It is super trendy.
  • Largo: Why hide something as cute as curlers? Wearing long hair and letting our hair look completely natural is an excellent alternative. We can take them to one side or back if they bother us.
  • Curly Undercut:  Like the traditional undercut style, it consists of wearing the sides much shorter than the top of the head. Grace in this case will be given by your curlers.

Haircuts for men according to their face

Not all faces are the same and some are more favored than others by different trends. However, we can all adapt to fashion according to our face.

Men with an oval face

If you have an oval face you will not have a problem with almost no hair. Try not to leave too much bangs so that your face does not look more oval than it really is.

Ideally, a hairstyle up or to the side, clearing the forehead. The undercut is an excellent option for those who have a round face.

Round face men

When we have a rounded face and we want to refine it, it is best to hide the shape with a hairstyle. The cuts that fulfill this function very well are those that are neither too short nor too long, such as a mane with bangs. To achieve balance we must concentrate most of the volume in the upper part of the head, to appear a more elongated face.

Men with square faces

If your face is angled, you should bet on the volume and choose a bushy hairstyle in the central part of the head. The undercut could be a good option, although it is not the only one. You can also try a spiky style , which is very short on the sides and somewhat longer above but disheveled.

Men with a heart-shaped face

For this type of face it is best to create volume in the area of ​​the forehead and ears. This results in a better dissimulation of the difference in size between the forehead and the jaw. Letting the bangs fall on the forehead and avoiding short hair is very convenient so as not to overdo the features.