Undercut for men: Latest Hairstyle Trend

Better long or short? Here is a cut that does not require this decision. The undercut for men is a cool and trendy cut, which has already established itself as the quintessential masculine look. It is also a very versatile cut, with which you can have a lot of fun: the upper part can be carefully combed, left natural or why not, collected in a bun. Let the mood of the day guide your choice of styling and get ready to impress everyone!
The undercut for men, unlike its female version, is not new. It is no coincidence that it was also popular on the screens thanks to the television series Peaky Blinders , set in England in the 1920s, when it was popular among ex-soldiers. Of course, it is not a cut suitable for faces of any shape: in general it is perfect for those with an oval face, even if some changes on contrast and length of hair can also adapt to long or rounded faces. In this article we will show you some versions of male undercut that are very fashionable and that we hope will inspire you.

Undercut hairstyle for men: new wave

This is a super trendy version of the undercut for men: curly and thick hair over the head and long to the eyebrows. The length of the hair on the sides varies from 1 to 2 centimeters. Possible styling options are almost endless! With a little mousse and a correct use of the hair dryer you will be able to give the hair a splendid volume. Without forgetting the hair wax and the gel, which will become the tools to keep always at hand and thanks to which you will be able to invent always different hairstyles. Try a disheveled look, experiment with a fringe or pull them back with the gel: the beauty of this undercut for men is the variety of choices available to you.

Undercut hairstyle for men: gradual transition

This softer version shows that the undercut for men does not only work with a structure with sharp edges and strong contrasts. The transition between the different lengths can also be gradual and delicate, without compromising the impact of the look. In this case we pass from a brush cut on the nape to decidedly longer hair above the head, but the transition is faded and the intention decidedly more classic. The look is still modern and trendy, especially due to the rather casual tuft styling. The cut is therefore perfect for men who want to wink at the trend of the moment, while remaining tied to an idea of ​​timeless masculine elegance.

Undercut hairstyle for men: short and clean

The undercut for men in an ultra-short version: this is a very intriguing cut that recalls the look of a Tibetan monk. This hairstyle is definitely the easiest to manage, among the ones we have seen, and that has fewer hair styling problems . All you need is a clean and circular cut above the head, a mini fringe on the forehead and very short hair on the sides and on the nape. This men’s undercut meets the minimalist needs of those modern kids who want an interesting and extravagant look, but at the same time comfortable and without frills.

Undercut hairstyle for men: tuft and beard

If the contrast of lengths and textures that characterizes the undercut for men is not enough, the combination of hairstyle and beard could be for you, guaranteeing an even more daring result. This is a very appreciated look, even if you don’t see it so often around: to wear it you need a lot of self-confidence and a fair skill in the daily care of beard and hair. If well done and maintained, it is a style that speaks for itself and helps to affirm its personality. The possibilities of playing with one’s look are multiplied and the search for perfect balance is a very interesting challenge for those who are very keen on their appearance and always want to impress.