10 ways to become a better man

“No matter what you achieve, what you will earn a living, will occupy a position in society, most importantly – stay a good person.” In one form or another, a similar conversation took place in everyone, and if in childhood it seemed that “being good” was not an difficult task, today you increasingly come to the conclusion that it’s easier and more profitable to be bad, because it’s “bad people” successful.

But we do not agree with this. Good people can also be successful, but in order for a man with principles to become successful, he must become a person who strives for excellence in everything. Not only physically, but also intellectually and morally. To be the best man is to be the breadwinner and protector, and if society thinks differently, then spit in the face of this society. You must not give up honor for his sake. On the contrary, you should do your best to become better. You can start right now.

  1. Let others do less, and you do more Becoming better is harder than it sounds. The problem is with the people who surround us – they set a bad example for us, because the majority can not be active , it is always amorphous, it tries to work less and relax more, the entrepreneurial spirit is absent in them, as well as the desire to develop. But the life of a “good man” does not tolerate easy ways. Free time must be filled with work, chores, reading, and not rest, which makes no sense. Listen, if you think that an 8-hour working day gives you the right to a well-deserved rest, then you are wrong. Having been born a man, you took upon yourself the burden of responsibility. This responsibility requires you to do business, not rest.
  2. New skill every month We grew up in excessively comfortable conditions. Such conditions did not instill in us the idea that everything in this life is achieved by hard work. We spent time on empty business, and when we encountered the first problems, we could not solve them without the help of senior comrades. Now you have to catch up to finally develop to an acceptable level. To do this, it is enough to master one new skill per month. Agree, this is not easy, but quite possible. It takes a little patience, as well as an understanding of the value of time, which is less and less. You have to become the guy who can do a lot – not only fix the refrigerator, but also solve the equation from higher mathematics, while applying it in practice.
  3. Modest lifestyle Modesty is not a vice, but frugality is only a simple understanding of what you need and what not. If you are thrifty, then you will never take a loan for a washing machine, smartphone or TV. A loan has never been profitable. If you are thrifty, then you spend money wisely, even when you have as much of them as the top officials of the federation. Technically, frugality is the ability to control your savings, which is tied to discipline. A frugal person does not fall under the power of habits. Ultimately, he will have much more money than any other person. And this, in turn, will provide the frugal person freedom from the financial stresses that every second suffers in Russia.
  4. Pay the bills If you can’t pay your bills, find another job. If you still cannot pay your bills, then work two jobs. Life can be cruel, but such problems are not included in the circle of “unsolvable”. Through them one must pass with dignity. If you took the money, then always give it back. The same applies to taxes, utility bills and other things that must be paid even if you do not believe in them – these are the rules of the game. All that must be done must be done.
  5. Early rise Surely you want to be more productive than now, but you still haven’t accustomed yourself to get up early, and in vain. You can say as much as you like that you were born an “owl,” but, in our experience, these are all simple excuses and an inability to adapt to a normal regime. If you get up early, you will always have more time to do something. If you get up late, then you will always be late, and well-being will not be the best. It’s simple – get up earlier.
  6. Define your values When they say that people do not change, this is part of the truth. Each of us has a certain ideological code that we carry in our hearts through our lives. It practically does not change. Someone will strive to earn more money, someone will travel, and someone will be curious to create something with their own hands. If you understand exactly what you want from life, then you will live much more honestly in relation to yourself, which means that you will cultivate a much stronger personality in yourself.
  7. Roman view of masculinity The Roman view of masculinity was different from the modern one. For them, masculinity was tantamount to a specific set of virtues that needed to be followed – honor and valor were central qualities of courage. Yes, you understood correctly. Masculinity is not about aggressive behavior, beer, muscle and sticking out one’s “male interests”. Masculinity is when you are useful to others, able to raise a family, protect it, and, of course, when you are responsible for your actions. If you blame everyone except yourself for your troubles, then you are not a man. If you cannot keep your word, then you are not at all human – in the Roman sense you are a barbarian who does not know the concept of honor.
  8. Stiffness and dirty work To be kind and loving – these are necessary attributes of being a good person as a whole, but in addition, a man must be ready for external aggression, to defend his interests. In other words, a man must be able to be tough, he must be able to do what others do not want to do. Afraid of getting your hands dirty? So you’re afraid to live.
  9. Do important things Spend your time on what you consider important. If you want to spend time with a girl, if you consider her an important part of your life, then take your phone away, turn off the TV and invite the girl on a date. If you think that your work is of great importance, then stop playing computer games, remove them from the hard drive and open the working documents. The essence of this advice is reduced to the simple formula “do what you think is important.” You do not get younger, and closer to old age, most people begin to realize that they spent too much time on nonsense. For some, this will be a revelation, but not for you, because you will play it safe and will not kill your time in the same way you did before, right?
  10. Get ready for war There is no such person on planet Earth who has never encountered war . Now we live in peacetime, but what will happen tomorrow? Anything. A revolution may begin, a country may begin to fall apart, or a dumb dictator will come to power who will make the entire civilized world enemies of the state. If you delve into history, it becomes clear that the best skills that can provide protection for your family are military skills. A man must be able to handle weapons. Both with cold and with gunshot. He must also have hand-to-hand fighting skills , as well as know the theory of war. A man, in case of real danger, should have at hand a number of friends who can quickly be organized into a mobile group in order to protect his loved ones. Do not think that the police and the army will protect you.