10 working ways to not get rich

How to get rich – each of us approximately understands, but what actions and thoughts should refrain from – this is a more complicated question. We have put together behaviors that will only prevent you from succeeding and improving your material well-being.

  1. Thinking that wealth is not for you Thoughts may not be material in the literal sense of the word, but they certainly affect your motivation and self-confidence. Should you believe that you are not able to earn large sums, you will voluntarily deprive yourself of a chance to get rich. So the best thing you can do is to forever discard the phrases “this is not for me” and “I cannot” from your vocabulary and throw all your efforts into fulfilling your desires.
  2. Use only proven working methods. “Only official 5/2 work with a white salary” – these are the priorities of the vast majority of people. By limiting yourself to this alone, you are missing out on a ton of great opportunities. Perhaps it’s more profitable for you to go on freelance or get a job as a remote employee in a non-resident company. In any case, you should consider all options. And do not forget that you need to constantly improve your qualifications – the level of your income also depends on this. So try to take various courses, sign up for master classes and take the opportunity of additional training at the expense of your company.
  3. Spend money on things that you can not afford Agree, when a person’s monthly salary does not exceed 20-25 thousand rubles, and he needs to pay rent, utility bills and buy food, such a line in the list of expenses as a new iPhone or expensive watch looks at least absurd. Firstly, the situation in which you eat doshiraki, but allow yourself to get dressed up in brand stores or buy equipment that you can’t afford, looks very comical from the side. Secondly, for you this is an extra stress. If you have not received a promotion and did not earn more – you have no reason to increase your daily expenses. Better think about how you can influence your income.
  4. Use only one source of income Perhaps some owner of a successful company in the global market can afford to use only one source of income, although usually even millionaires have several. It would also not hurt you to create additional financial flows: for example, part-time work after the main job or renting an apartment / room, or maybe even an investment in the stock market. In general, there can be a bunch of options. The main thing is to decide what is closer to you, and act.
  5. Spend your free time just for fun Entertainment and relaxation are mandatory items on the daily schedule. Only in order to get rich, you need to reduce the amount of time you spend watching TV shows or computer games, and squeeze into the vacated gap reading literature on a specialty, watching training videos or finding information that will help improve your knowledge and skills.
  6. Do not save money It is important not only how much money you earn, but also how well you know how to protect it. You can earn 100, or even 200 thousand a month and spend it to the last penny, or you can save money on a savings account with a salary of 50 thousand rubles and thereby provide yourself with at least a safety cushion.
  7. Work for money Work for money = have a boss and give all the profits to him, receiving for his work only a certain percentage or fixed amount. Working for money is much easier than trying to make a difference and make money work for you. To do this, you can open your own business, start investing, etc. Wealth = a certain risk, which is why many people prefer to work for someone else.
  8. Try to do everything yourself A command is not an empty phrase. If you want to succeed and get rich – gather around you people who are ready to help you with this. Delegation is the very skill that will help you shift part of the affairs to other people, thereby depriving yourself of the need to independently control everything. No matter how productive a person you are and no matter how skillfully you conduct your business, you will need helpers who will share this burden with you. Otherwise, burn out by hand.
  9. Communicate “not with those” people This item is not advice at all to break off friendships because your friends have low salaries. No, this advice is to gradually join the company of people who have no problems with finances. Simply put, if you want to become rich, start communicating with the rich. You can chat with them, find out certain life hacks, their tricks, worldview and principles. It will be useful for you to adopt their experience. Look at such communication from the point of view of the person who enrolled in the gym: when you want to put your body in order, you begin to communicate in training with people who have already fulfilled this desire. You will learn a lot of useful things: how they went in for sports, what was their diet, how much time they needed.
  10. Avoid Risks Without making decisions related to risk, you definitely will not come close to the treasured mark in bank accounts. So come to terms with the idea that you often have to face the unknown. It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to sit out safely, and before tripling your salary, you may have to fail more than once.