Clothing Combinations: Stylish Men

Putting together good teams you can add style and personality to your look. Keys to combine clothes and explore new options for men’s fashion.

The variety of styles, colors and shapes of men’s garments is increasingly wide. But it is not necessary to renew the wardrobe all the time to look flawless and renew the look. The key is to make good combinations of clothes: men and women can try alternatives with an unprecedented freedom. Do not miss these tips and encourage surprise.

Combine clothes: Well dressed man

There are endless options and styles of men’s clothing and each one represents in a certain way the personality of the person who wears it. But beyond designs and prints, when it comes to combining clothes, colors will be decisive.

Urban look

The urban look is very wide and varies greatly according to styles and ages. If you are one of those who choose a casual dress without sacrificing a certain style, the ideal is to wear beige, gray, mustard and embroidered garments. They are colors that combine and can be exchanged at ease without the risk of errors.

You can even give it a more formal touch by opting for an elegant sport look , complementing it with a dress bag. It is a garment that, combined with more informal ones, helps to achieve a more de contracted and original style.

If, on the other hand, you want to go for something more informal, the shirts are your thing. A good cloth, a nice tome and a jean and there is not much else to add.

Classic look for the modern man

Ideal to go for a walk on a weekend or to go for a drink, the classic look never fails for leisure time and to feel comfortable in work meetings. You can wear a jean and combine it with a shirt in white, gray and blue tones.

You can also wear a white cotton T-shirt, dark jeans, a navy blue jacket and brown borcegos. Nothing better than to give a touch more to the look with a belt to match the borcegos and glasses with style.

Another good option is the shoes to wear with jeans. Converse, classic VANS or comfortable Nike Stefan Janoski are ideal to complete this style.

Look with a striking touch

If you want to get out of the classic and want to try another style, you can choose one of these three colors: orange, water green or navy blue. The garments of a basic look in shades such as white or beige serve as the basis to enhance any of these three colors and give more life to your outfit.
A clarification: it is not convenient to combine these three colors at the same time: use one at a time. All in perspective.

Versatile look

If you are one of those who like to dress well without spending too much time, you can think outfits with some basics that allow you to improvise an “express” look that is always good.
Both to go to the office and to face an after office, beige, brown brown, embroidered (similar to a red wine) and olive green are four colors that will make you look great on any occasion. If you also add to your look a jacket or jean shirt, you will be able to add a lot of wave.

Vintage look

If you want to achieve a special look and classic, we recommend you go the way of the vintage. There are very varied and beautiful options to combine. The prints in green and brown tones, along with white and beige, are perfect for this style.
You can opt for a basic white shirt and a button-printed sweater, whose fabric highlights trendy colors such as emerald green, navy blue or beige. Anything else? Do not forget to accompany this look with a pair of glasses.

Look with a lot of style: mustard color

If you consider yourself a daring and risky person when dressing, mustard yellow is a great color for you to consider. This tone gives a modern touch to your look and can be combined very well with gray, black or white, that is, with neutral colors.
You can wear mustard in pants, a scarf, a wool hat in winter, a sweater or a shirt in summer. At first you may feel that the mustard dislodges, but it has become a must have of the masculine look. It looks very elegant.

Romantic look

Colors such as pink or pastel tones are not exclusive to women’s clothing. Men can also wear them with a lot of glamor by combining, for example, a light pink with navy or light gray.
The romantic style allows you to wear more classic clothes such as sacks, shirts and pants, to which the pastel color palette brings originality.
A white shirt, a beige jacket and a jean are not the same as a pink shirt, a blue jacket and gray pants. Clearly the second option has more style even though it is also about wearing classic clothes.

Elegant look

Light blue, navy blue, brown, beige and even red are perfect colors when choosing the combination for a formal and casual look at the same time. You can add a touch of certain formality with a dark brown belt and a tie with a print in the range of colors that we mentioned a few lines above.