How to be More Attractive: Keys of an Elegant Man

Choosing fashionable clothes for men is difficult if we do not define before what style we want to wear and how to combine the new with our wardrobe. Keys and secrets of a good masculine look.

Times change and the image has gained importance in men without background. But, to dress well and be fashionable , we must know how to choose, learn to combine and know the tricks to be more elegant or more cool.
The fundamental thing in men’s clothing is to forget about everything. Facing the question, how to be more attractive , it is worth listening to the secrets of the experts and understanding the keys to having a modern and modern look.
First of all, it is important to know that the better you feel with the clothes you are wearing, the more confidence you will have in yourself and the more opportunities you will open in your personal and professional life.

How to be more attractive

The first step that we must be clear in order to dress well is to consider our body type: one does not dress the same if he is tall or short, fat or thin, or young or older.
Then, secondly, the lifestyle and type of work must be well evaluated. If you have a position with responsibility, leadership and authority in a traditional place, the image should reflect that role. If your profile is more informal, a young and cool style is surely your best cover letter.

Fashion clothes for men according to age

It is not as rigid as before, but there are limits. As we turn years, it is essential to know that there are things that are better left in the closet. Especially in the case of some shirts and shirts with prints, or some designs of pants. The same with the accessories: the ridiculous does not come back (or so they say).

Trendy, but not so much

It is nice to be fashionable, but each body has its peculiarities and some things that are used do not suit everyone. Some shades or notched cuts, or certain fabrics, it is better to set aside if we have extra kilos. It is not because of the “what will they say” but to get the best out of your wardrobe.
It is important to be in tune with fashion colors and seasonal looks, but do not strive to always bring the latest of the latest. It is better to bet on insurance than to end up buying clothes that we will use little and nothing.

Light tones appear more volume

Whether we like our figure or not, there is a law that has been in force for centuries: the more clarity in the dress, the greater the volume in appearance. This is the reason, one more, for the tall and skinny, have an advantage, or in other words, more options when dressing. Don’t despair, there is always a solution.
Not everyone notices this and it is not even easy to see it with the advice at hand. An obvious solution is to switch to dark tones. But if the dress-code is to use light tones: you can combine slim cuts in the jacket and regular or reverse pants.
Just do not make a monochromatic and boring combination. In general, it does not fit. Ideally, mix things a little and make the colors contrast.

Vary according to the occasion

It’s fun to change the clothes we choose from time to time. Each occasion requires a different type of garment. One rule says that looking formal all day is bad, and seeing you informal all day, too. Remember that extremes are never good, so an intermediate style is never lacking in elegance.
In any context, there are four classics that always solve: a white shirt, a jacket, classic pants and an informal suit. Having that combo you will get out of trouble in any circumstance that does not require excessive formality.

Eye with leather and skins

It is a must in jackets, pants and long covers, and also intervened with other genres. This season, for the Argentine men they send the jackets with appliques, studs and embroidery and, to a lesser extent, the pants. The excesses are not good: it is important to evaluate well in what situations to use them and how to combine them.
The same goes for skins. The big brands made them protagonists in the coats of their latest collection: short, long covers and jackets, appliques on sleeve-necks and details on accessories. They look good but only in some cases. Think about it according to each body, each age and each occasion.

The footwear is basic

Many men do not give footwear the value it really has. If you never dared to invest in a good shoe, it’s time to do it. It is key to have at least two options for different looks: comfortable and sporty shoes and good dress shoes (they cost a little more, but you will use them for years.
Something else: your belt and shoes should combine. If you have light or extravagant colors, think twice or leave those shades for sports shoes.