Guide to choose a jean coat

That blue jacket with washed effect and metal buttons accompanied me during many triumphs and painful moments in my adolescence. And I still have it; It’s not just a nostalgic relic that reminds me of Jessie Spano or my Green Day phase, actually in the active rotation in my closet. And for good reason.

A great jean jacket is the definitive ‘intermediary’. It is a workhorse that can easily add just the right amount of youth or dimension to your look. It is versatile and classic, but you can also add an impression of “modernity” just by wearing it as an unexpected undergarment (try it buttoned under a blazer).

Below is a shopping guide for five unique styles of jean jackets in various shades of indigo blue (and black!). All destined to be a memorable purchase.

The classic dark blue. Remember that at the end of Mad Men’s season, Don Draper had that new vibe of leisure man? You can adopt this look with a denim jacket in the truck style, like Kenzo. Just change traditional shirt collars for a white crewneck polo shirt and washed dark jeans, and you’re ready to go anywhere this weekend.

The black waxed. Nothing ‘hardens’ more than an outfit like the color black. However, for an extra dose of strength, add the aged texture of waxed cotton. The fabric is known for aging in a unique way, and it looks excellent in this uncharacteristically masculine coat by Alexander Wang. Extra points for Wang for the additional toughened details like the leather collar and the pockets with slanted closures. Use it with more black, of course.

Pilot’s jacket When deciding between the two transitional jacket options, uncomplicated and more timeless: the pilot’s jacket or jeans, why not choose both? A pilot type denim jacket like this one by Mr. Start is light but strong, warm but breathable, made for a reliable support in our wardrobe for an unpredictable weather. Combine it with a knit sweater and sneakers.

Vintage washed. Remember: The perfect jean jacket should mold your body and be worn in the right places – which is easier if you choose a light color like this casual Joe Fresh option. And if you want to use it as an undergarment (under a tailored coat or other type of jacket) choose a slightly fitted or choose a size less. The torso must reach the waist and the sleeves must reach just below the wrists. You can use it instead of a cardigan – with buttons and layered under your favorite coat in cold temperatures.

The Shearling-Trimmed. The burst of imitation white sheepskin on the neck of this retro Maison Margiela coat is the modern equivalent of the contrast collar on the Lee Storm Rider denim jacket, which became a cinematic style icon when the giant the big screen Paul Newman used in his 1963 movie, Hud. Combine it with a pair of sturdy brown boots or other item endorsed by Newman.