10 Useful Tips When Choosing Men’s Clothing

When it comes to choosing clothing men do not have it easy. Women have a great advantage in this regard, the mall is their territory and when they go out to buy dresses and shoes, the experience causes them an indescribable pleasure that men will never understand, much less experience.

The obsessive taste of women to buy all kinds of clothes, shoes, jewelry and other accessories, apparently has its origin in prehistory. It should be remembered that at the time of the cave men were hunters and women were gatherers.

Researcher Daniel Kruger, from the University of Michigan, says that shopping is like hunting and gathering. In other words, women pickers explore stores, while men look for something specific.

That is why they can spend hours touring a mall and sighing for all those things they want to buy, it is normal to go looking for a garment and end up leaving with so many bags that do not fit in their hands. Again, memes illustrate this perfectly …

We, on the other hand, do not have the time or patience to tour stores the entire afternoon. Before going out to buy we need to be clear about what we want to achieve, acquire it, and immediately move on to other more pleasant things. Nor do we like to spend hours choosing the clothes that we are going to wear, as they do.

Therefore, if someone needs to receive useful advice when choosing clothing, it is precisely we, the strong and powerful hunter men with a busy agenda in which there is no place for banal distractions. Therefore, we will share with you some of the most basic tips to choose your clothes in a simple and uncomplicated way, and still look like a true metrosexual.

10 Tips for choosing men’s clothing

Tip 1: Few clothes, easy to combine

Have you ever wondered why women suffer from not knowing what to wear, despite having a full wardrobe?

The answer lies in the paradox of the paralysis of choice. This phenomenon was clearly revealed in a study by Columbia University. The researchers placed in a greengrocer a table with 6 jars of jam of different flavors, and another with 24 jars.

The result was that 60% of people approached the table with more options, but only 3% of them chose a jar to buy. In contrast, of the remaining 40% who chose the table with fewer options, 31% chose one of the 6 available flavors.

This shows that we like to have more options, but when there are too many our brain is blocked and it is hard for us to decide, since our brain can only manage 3 or 4 options at a time.

Then we become paralyzed, we don’t know what to choose, we fear to choose incorrectly, and we end up dissatisfied. Having too many options has a cost in time and satisfaction that they know well.

Luckily, we can avoid this dissatisfaction and that paralysis, and in the process save a lot of money, simply by acquiring few easy-to-combine garments.

It doesn’t matter if your style is casual or formal, acquiring garments in black , dark gray , navy blue and beige , is a safe and economical way to start. These colors combine perfectly with each other.

You can combine black with gray and beige, gray with black and navy blue, navy blue with gray and beige, and beige with black and navy blue.

He follows the example of intelligent and powerful men like Barack Obama, who always wore navy and gray suits, and even his wife balconeted him by revealing that he wore the same suit for all state dinners for 8 years and no one noticed.

And that is another of the great advantages of using the colors mentioned above, they are neutral colors that do not stay in people’s minds, so no one will realize that you are always wearing the same clothes.

Tip 2: Avoid prints

If you have decided to follow the advice number 1 and choose clothes in neutral colors, another important recommendation is that, as far as possible, avoid any print, including logos, visible marks, illustrations on t-shirts, etc.

It is not a strict rule, because if your style is casual and you want to wear a black t-shirt with a great drawing, and you are a young man who looks good with this type of clothing you can do it.

The problem with the prints is that they stay in people’s minds so that others will know perfectly that you are wearing the same shirt or the same sweater that you put on two days ago. That is not the idea.

Nor are prints very recommended if you are overweight, as they will attract people’s eyes to your torso, very close to the abdomen, revealing your overweight even more.

Tip 3: Are you fat? Use dark colors

The dark tones give a feeling of low amplitude, so they are the best choice to hide overweight.

Shirts, shirts, sweaters, jackets, or suits in dark colors will visually reduce the width of your body and help you look slimmer.

Tip 4: Are you very thin? Use light colors

It is the opposite of the previous advice and applies to excessively thin (skinny) men.

Light tones increase the feeling of spaciousness and disguise your excessive thinness if you wear them in garments such as shirts, shirts, sweaters, or jackets.

Tip 5: Use the lines in your favor

Many people avoid the lines in their clothes because they fear that they affect their image, and they are right because garments with lines are a double-edged sword and should be used carefully.

But well used lines can refine your image making you look taller and thinner.

To start, avoid too big and colorful lines. The idea is not to look like an inmate or a gangster of the twenties, but to use subtle lines finely printed on the fabric, as in the following image:

To use the lines in your favor, think of them as guides for the eyes, since they will look in the direction they mark.

If you are of short stature, or if your abdomen looks somewhat bulky, choose garments with vertical lines since these will take the view from top to bottom, making you look taller and thinner.

On the other hand, if your height is too high, or if you are excessively thin and this represents a problem for you, horizontal lines can help you direct the view of people from right to left, making you look shorter and less thin.

The latter is only recommended in cases of extreme height or thinness, otherwise it is always better to avoid horizontal lines and resort to vertical lines, which sharpen your figure and make you look better.

Tip 6: Avoid checkered fabrics if possible

There is a strong debate around square fabrics. Some dare to say that checkered fabrics are for losers, while others say they are in good taste if they know how to combine.

Personally, we agree more with the second statement than with the first, since if they are chosen well and carefully combined the plaid garments can really be elegant, providing class and refinement.

Even so, we recommend in principle to dispense as much as possible with checkered fabrics, at least while you are developing your own style, unless you have the advice of an image design expert.

This is due to the fact that plaid garments do not constitute a guide for the eyes, unlike the lines, but in fact cut that guide by taking the view in different directions until it is tired, causing a visual effect of greater amplitude. That is, they can make you look wider and shorter than you really are, negatively affecting your personal image.

Only if you have a slim body and a height above average can you afford that luxury.

Tip 7: If you are short, follow these tips …

If your height is short don’t worry, you can always look taller by applying these tips when choosing your clothing:

  • Combine pants in light colors with shirts in dark tones, this will increase the perception of height in your legs. Beige pants with navy shirt is a good example.
  • Wear garments with vertical lines, and avoid prints, horizontal lines and squares.
  • Wear a thin belt and discreet buckle.
  • Avoid colorful accessories around your waist, for example the cell phone.
  • Dark colors are your allies, especially black, navy blue, and dark gray.
  • Avoid using raincoats and coats that are too long.
  • As a general rule, always ensure vertical integration and avoid any pattern or accessory that is too colorful to cut your figure at chest or waist.

Tip 8: If you are too tall, follow these tips when choosing your clothing …

  • Combine dark pants with shirts or shirts in light colors.
  • Avoid vertical lines.
  • Use a wide and colorful belt to cut your image at waist level.
  • You can wear trench coats and long coats, but never below the knees.
  • Avoid monochromaticism, that is, wear the same color on all your clothes.

Tip 9: If you are brown follow these tips when choosing your clothing …

Dark-skinned men are doing well in dark-colored garments, light colors also do well as long as they are combined with other garments in dark colors.

What dark-skinned men should avoid at all costs are too bright and bright colors such as yellow, orange, purple, or lighted shades of green.

Tip 10: If you’re white, follow these tips when choosing your clothing …

The white skin does most of the colors, even those bright and bright shades that the brunettes should avoid. However, the garments that best suit the white man are those of light colors, since the dark tones have to highlight the paleness of his face.

These are our 10 tips for choosing men’s clothing. We hope you found it useful. If you want to get more useful tips to dress well we recommend you