4 Stylish Ways To Wear A Dress Shirt

With so much variety it is difficult not to find a good shirt for every occasion and for all kinds of personality. However, with such variety it is also easy to make mistakes and end up choosing a shirt that does not look good on you.

Choosing the best shirt is not difficult, just resort to common sense and know the basic rules of good dress. In this short article we will share with you some tips on how to choose and how to wear a shirt.

4 Stylish Ways To Wear A Dress Shirt

1. What do you want to express?

Before choosing a shirt, start by asking yourself what you want to express with it or what you are going to use it for.

You don’t wear the same shirt to go to the office as to go out for a night in the club, nor do you wear the same shirt with a suit and a tie as with an informal outfit.

That is why it is important to define the purpose you pursue when choosing the shirt since your choice will depend on it.

Once you’ve decided you can apply the following tips.

2. The best shirt to wear with a suit and tie

If you are looking for a shirt to wear with a suit and a tie, then without a doubt the best option is the dress shirt, with long sleeves and a formal collar.

The color should be plain and combine perfectly with the color of the suit and tie. As the most common colors for a suit are navy blue, dark gray, and black; There are many shirt colors that combine well with these colors, from the traditional white shirt to light and medium shades of blue or green, light gray, pink or lilac.

If the event is not as formal as a business appointment, but rather something like a night party, a night out, or a romantic date; Then you can wear shirts in more colorful colors such as red, orange, or purple. In these cases you can resort to something that was very fashionable a few years ago and although it is not so much anymore it always looks good, I mean monochromatism, using exactly the same color of shirt and tie.

This reduces formality but not elegance, making you look youthful and stylish.

Because the use of the tie requires buttoning the first top button of the shirt you must be very careful that the shirt does not fit too much to your neck or is too loose. When you try on your shirt, button it all and insert two fingers between it and your neck, if both fingers fit right into the space between your shirt and your neck that is the best option.

There are shirts with buttons on both sides of the neck, it is clear that these shirts are not formal, so when wearing them with a tie they do not look good.

3.- The best formal shirt without a tie

Sometimes formality does not reach the point of requiring a suit and tie, but you still want your shirt to help you look formal and elegant.

Can you use the same shirts you wear with a tie in this case? Of course yes.

However, in this case you have many more options to explore, since now you can use shirts with lines, with pictures, and even with textures. There is no problem with this as long as you follow some of the elementary rules such as avoiding horizontal lines if you are fat or short, or be careful when wearing plaid shirts.

You can even wear shirts outside the pants, something unthinkable when you wear a tie.

To know if a shirt will look good outside the pants just look at the bottom of the shirt, if it is elongated and has large curves, the shirt should not be worn outside the pants. If, on the other hand, the shirt is not so long and the bottom cut is straight you can use it outside the pants without any problem.

Can you think of a formal shirt to wear without a tie and outside the pants more elegant than this?

This is the ideal shirt to wear at a day party or at a formal beach event. It makes you look good and stylize your figure by offering full vertical integration thanks to the lines that run from top to bottom making any man look taller and thinner.

4. The best shirt for an informal look

In casual attire the options increase significantly. Obviously in this case the rules become less rigid, so all we can advise is that you look for one that fits your body naturally, without being baggy or too tight.

In necks there is also a wide variety, from those with buttoned collar, Mao neck, or even without neck. If your face is very round your neck should be elongated.

Another recommendation is that you don’t wear shirts that are not made to be worn outside your pants, something we see all the time.

You can use any color but taking care that it combines well with your pants, even the prints look good, especially in areas of tropical climate, where they can be combined with even shorts, shorts or shorts. Of course, if your shirt is printed your pants must be in plain color.