5 Styling Tips for Wearing Men’s T-Shirts

Styling Tips for Wearing Men's T-Shirts

Casual dress and bad dress are not synonyms. You can look very elegant and with a well-groomed image wearing casual and t-shirts or shirts are an excellent ally to achieve it.

There is a wide variety of shirts for all tastes: with neck and without neck, with sleeves and without them, of a single color or in combined colors, liza or with prints, and a long etcetera.

They are economical, comfortable, youthful, and they can always be used to give the impression of being a man who likes sports, fun and the good life.

But a bad choice will ruin your image with the same ease with which the right choice can elevate it. The following tips will be very useful when choosing this type of garment.

5 Tips to choose t-shirts or shirts

1. Polo shirts offer a very attractive casual elegance.

If you want to look elegant but at the same time informal polo shirts are your best choice.

They are elegant and bring sophistication. They are easy to combine with any pants, whether jeans, khaki pants, and even more formal pants.

It is not very common that this type of shirt includes prints, but if it were the case it is best to avoid them.

An elegant and powerful way to combine this type of shirt is with a leather jacket, or even with a suit or a sports jacket.

Accessories such as dark glasses go great with this outfit.

2. Choose fabrics in plain colors and if possible avoid prints

T-shirts are a garment that is very common to find with colorful prints, and although some prints look good in young people and in everyday situations, if your intention is to show an image higher than the average, you should seriously consider the possibility of avoiding such prints .

If the shirts with prints you like at least look for original drawings, what you should avoid completely are those shirts that include legends and logos of soda brands, football teams, or worse of candidates and political parties. Do not become a billboard. The only thing they will think of you is that you don’t have enough money to buy a shirt and you have to rely on political campaigns to expand your wardrobe.

3. The shirt inside the pants provides formality

The shirt inside the pants provides formality. In addition, a study conducted by Fruit Of The Loom revealed that men who tuck their shirt or t-shirt inside their pants earn more money than those who do not.

And this is a matter of formality, men who wear their shirt or shirt inside are more formal and because of their formality they get better jobs or are more successful in business.

Therefore, it is recommended that when you wear a shirt you wear it inside and not outside the pants. This is particularly recommended when using a polo shirt, as these are more formal than the others. In shirts with round neck or V neck, it depends on the situation.

4. If your face is round, prefer the V neck

If your face is round the round neck will accentuate its roundness. In this case, polo and V-neck shirts work best because they generate the visual effect of a longer neck and a sharper face.

5. Your shirt should not be too loose or too tight

“Neither so much that it burns the saint nor so much that it does not illuminate it” says the saying, and in no other context is it more true than in clothing.

If your shirt is too baggy, you will look ungainly, while if it is too tight, many of the imperfections we all have will come to light and that clothes should help us to hide and not get worse.

Only if you have a marked musculature, with strong arms and flat abdomen (laundry) can you afford to wear t-shirts adjusted to the body. Otherwise it is better to wear shirts or shirts that fit your body in a normal way without falling into excess or exaggeration.

Now you are ready to go buy your shirts or shirts. That fresh and casual garment that we all enjoy.