5 Tips for Wearing a Suit

The suits are undoubtedly the most elegant male garment that exists. For a gala dinner, a high-level work meeting, your wedding, your prom, or any other important event, it is impossible to think about dressing in any other way than with a good suit, since this one has the power to bring distinction and status to whoever uses it.

This section of our Fashion and Style Guide is dedicated to providing tips for wearing men’s suits, so that you choose the most suitable for each occasion and for your personal style.

5 Tips for wearing male suits.

1. The jacket and pants must be of the same fabric.

It seems obvious, however you would be surprised how many men ignore this rule. The reason why they are called suits is because the coat, the vest, and the pants must be exactly the same fabric, it is not enough to look for the colors to combine.

An exception to this rule is the sport and blazer bags, which can be used in a different color than the pants provided that both colors combine well. But in formal dress the rule of the same fabric in pants and jacket cannot be ignored.

2. Take care that the length is correct.

The length of your suit affects the perception of your height and complexion. Therefore, if you do not want to see yourself wider and shorter than you really are, if you want to hide those extra kilos and those centimeters less, then taking care of the length of your suit is vital.

To determine the length of the pants we recommend you refer to our advice section to buy pants. For the length of your suit follow these steps:

  • Put on the sack.
  • With your arms straight, bend your fingers and place the bottom of your bag between them. If you do not reach to touch the bag is short, if it bends it is long.
  • The sleeve should cover the wrist without reaching the palm of the hand. It’s okay if the shirt sleeve protrudes a little from the jacket when you bend your arm.

3. Choose a straight cut.

The best cut that you can choose for your suit is a straight cut, with 2, 3 or up to 4 buttons in front, since this style of suit shapes your figure and makes you look really good, tall and thin.

Sometimes other cuts become fashionable, but those fashions pass and the straight cut takes its place again. Such is the case of those crossed suits with 6 buttons on the front that were so fashionable in the 1980’s and 1990’s.

I still find people who use them and I do not explain why, because they are not only outdated, but also the cross cut, wide lapels, and the layout of the buttons, they only attract the view to the chest and abdomen, making you look more square and fat than you really are.

4. Choose dark gray and navy blue.

If you have doubts about what color of suit to choose, do not break your head and buy a navy suit or in a dark shade of gray.

These colors in suits are elegant, provide distinction, and combine with almost any color of shirt and tie.

Light colors such as beige, cream, bone, or white, are only recommended for a special day event, on the beach, or in tropical weather locations.

5. Good costumes attract beautiful and quality women.

The suit is an extremely elegant garment, but even so it doesn’t please many men, especially the younger ones. They argue that this garment ages them, and that younger women don’t like it, which in most cases is false.

The truth is that women perceive high status in men who wear good suits, as they see them as successful men and great suppliers. This means that your attractiveness will increase exponentially and women, of any age, will go crazy for you.

That is why from today consider the suit as an ally that will allow you advantages such as the following …

  • It is the garment that best conceals defects such as short stature and overweight.
  • It gives you a very attractive security for girls.
  • It opens many doors for you, for example the nightclubs of the discos that let you in more easily if you are well dressed.
  • The most beautiful and best dressed women will accept you in their social circle and will be seduced by you.
  • Your partner will start to dress well when he goes out with you, so your reward will be to see her wearing flirty dresses, daring necklines, and high heels.


If you want to look good when wearing a suit, avoid …

  • Wear cross suits . They have gone out of fashion years ago, and they destroy your image by making you look fatter and shorter.
  • Close all buttons . Leave the last button without closing for a better fall.
  • Use the bag in a color other than pants . Only with sport bags and blazer can it be done, as long as the colors combine.
  • Fill the pockets of the bag with keys, coins, a cell phone, or any other object that only bulges them.
  • Wear a jacket with jeans . The 80’s is over and today only with a sports bag could be acceptable, and only on very informal occasions.
  • Use a triangle folded handkerchief in the suit pocket . With a good quality tie is enough.
  • Use a carnation in the buttonhole . Unless you’re the black cri cri dancer.
  • Sit with the bag closed . Open it when sitting and keep it closed while standing.
  • Cover your head with a cap or hat wearing a suit. The only exception is an elegant hat, lined with fabric of the same color as the suit.


Now that you know these 5 tips for wearing a suit, you can go shopping for the suit you need for that wedding, graduation, or just to look elegant all the time.