Advice on style and care for men with short hair

The beginning of the year is a time of new beginnings. A moment to make an evaluation and try to improve. If we were one of those self-help books that you find in airports, we would start talking about work, money, cars and all those predictable topics. But, honestly, we’re going to leave that to the people of Wall Street. Our ideas are something more earthly. Let’s say you are a little less in the clouds and something more in the mirror.

Since the harshness of winter has already passed, a short hairstyle is undoubtedly necessary. But the question is, what is the best way to comb it and take care of it? To know what you have and do not have to do with any type of male hair, we spoke with Ben Copeland, a London barber trained with Vidal Sassoon.

“The first thing you need to know is that in order to properly comb and care for hair, the most important thing is a good haircut, a bad cut implies bad hair day after day and I’m afraid that there is no hairstyle to fix it. Secondly, it makes up for determining the type of hair you have and taking advantage of its natural properties, instead of working against it.There are five general types of hair – hair, curl, coarse, rough and fine – and we are going to see them one by one.

Relatively smooth hair is the easiest to fix. David Beckham’s hair belongs to this category. It is easy to fix and offers many possibilities. It is a very versatile type of hair. That said, there are some strict rules to get the most out of it. Experiment with products. Do not stay alone with one. Try several. You may like the Change It Up texturizing clay or the Tight Grip fixative spray, choose the one that works best for you. In any case, remember that you should not apply more product than necessary. Less is more: with too much product you never get a good hairstyle.

If you have curly hair, you have to work with the waves to get the most out of it. So let’s start with what you do not have to do. So clear: do not dry it with a dryer, unless you do it with a diffuser and at a very low temperature. As we have said, the dryer can dry the hair and undo the curl, and what interests us is to enhance it. However, you should apply a gel or ointment to the hair that is moisturizing, as this will not dry out, which always spoils the look. And to make the most of the styling product, apply it just before you dry your hair.

If we have to comb a thick hair, what it is, basically, is to control it. Therefore, think that in this case the product is your friend and your ally. Apply a little product when it is wet and dry it with a dryer, taking advantage of the haircut to achieve a perfect result. When the hair is already dry, you can use more product to finish the hairstyle. Do not apply the product in alternate areas. Thick hair holds whatever you throw at it.

Rough hair is usually quite thick and curly at the same time. With this type of hair, what interests us is to avoid frizz and, for this, we must maintain humidity. Make sure you use a softening lotion that prevents hair from drying out. Also, for the result to be optimal, use a gel or an ointment when it is not dry. If possible, do not dry it with a dryer.

When we comb a fine hair, we have a main objective: to create thickness and volume. But how do we achieve it? The key is to combine the dryer with a brush and raise the hair. And from there it follows what you should not do with this type of hair: use too much product or an intense wax. With this we would only reduce the feeling of volume.

Use a light wax and little else.

My final advice: whatever your hair type, remember that you can always add more product, but not remove it. So go little by little. “