Basic Guide to choose Jeans

We must bear in mind that each body is better suited to one type of jeans than others. It is important that you know what type of jeans are going to adapt better to your body and / or silhouette, which we explain below:

Wide: If you do not have legs or a belly too fitness or thin, low-waisted jeans are the best that will adapt to the belly. Do not wear tight pants because the only thing they will do is increase the volume of your body. Softer, lighter fabrics will make cowboys sit better on your body than thick ones. You should also keep in mind the dark colors will help you look thinner.

High:  If you are tall, 1.85 or more, the medium or low-rise pants are the ones that are going to go better without a doubt, since this size will make your body have a much more harmonized proportions. As for the cut of the jeans, the ideal is the straight or tight cut -slim fit-. Skinny or skinny jeans will make your leg look aesthetically long.

Low: Medium-toned and even baggy jeans will make your legs look longer. This type of jeans increases the harmony in your body by making the legs seem more elongated. The classic style of jeans is the one that favors you the most. And, as for the colors, it is best to be whole colors, avoiding as far as possible jeans with tears.

Thin: To add volume you will have to choose fabrics with more body and thicker. As for the cut, you should stay away from jeans too tight because they will make you look much thinner. The best thing is to opt for slim jeans, that is, tight but not tight.