Basic Style Guide for the office

Given the limited variety of garments in men’s fashion, how serious can flaws be style? Or is it possible to manifest the personality through the look?

What clothes can not be missing in a male wardrobe? The basic element should be a navy blue or black blazer, although navy blue can be used more often.

And the mythical shirts and ties? For formal occasions, which require a dress code, it is essential to have a tie and a shirt, as well as cufflinks or other accessories.

Are they not basic for the office? The companies have been formalizing their dress codes. Then, in some cases, you have defined if there is a day that allows more casual clothes, such as jeans or sneakers. In Peru, there are several examples.

What about the suits in the summer? For the summer comes the monochromatic looks with strength, like wearing all the clothes in beige or blue tones. Also, it is fashionable to mix the colors navy with white or brown and camel. Designers such as Valentino, Christian Dior or Salvatore Ferragamo have included the trend in their latest fashion shows.

How can you customize a look if you must attend every day to work with a suit and / or shirt and tie? Not all men wear the same shirts or the same suits. Colors and textures are the tools to customize the look.

What are the most common mistakes in style to go to work? In fashion and in the personal image, the details are important. From the beard to the clothes, we must take into account all aspects. To obtain a professional level, you can go to image consultants or personal shoppers.