Casual Style Tips for Men Who Want to Look Sharp

Clothes that should be in every man in the closet? That’s right: universal basic things that can be easily mixed with each other. But over time, such simple combinations can pretty get fed up and want to diversify your wardrobe. Do not rush to be disappointed in them, because they can be pumped, giving zest and without changing the contents of the cabinet.

  1. Use accents in the image What can save a hopelessly boring at first glance image? Of course, the inclusion in it of any small details and accents. For example, you can wear a tie with an interesting design or a combination of colors for work. A life hack for everyday style is a properly selected scarf that will not only accentuate where necessary, but also unconditionally draw attention to you.
  2. Find the right accessories The basic image can be made interesting not only by adding new elements of clothing, but also with the inclusion of various metal accessories, such as watches, a tie clip or even a belt buckle. By correctly combining these elements in one set, you can achieve the effect of “wow.”
  3. Make a print This is one of the easiest ways to really make your basic gear, if not unique, then at least visually attracting attention. Having come up with a small drawing or phrase, you can make a thing that will characterize you out of an ordinary T-shirt. Unlike patches and embroideries, prints look with everyday clothes very harmoniously, and often such things can not be distinguished from fully store-bought ones. Only here in the store you are unlikely to find the perfect thing with the desired design.
  4. Order an individual embroidery Embroidery is something that you should definitely entrust to professionals, unless, of course, you have learned to sew by yourself. Embroidery on clothes is a great way to emphasize your individuality and add zest to the image. You can embroider almost anything – your life motto, a small picture, the name of your favorite movie or a motivating quote. The main thing is that there is not much. The embroidery should be discreet and unweighted, otherwise it will turn from a laconic stroke to an element obsessive for the views of others.
  5. Use in a simple manner a piece of fabric with a pattern Using things with a picture will make your image more refined, but there is a great risk of being mistaken and getting bad taste instead of sophistication and refinement. Combining drawings is very difficult. For example, there are many rules for combining cells and strips. Therefore, you should carefully start wearing clothing made of patterned fabric – it is better to include one such thing in your image, for sure.
  6. Use one bright thing in the image Easy, but effective: take one bright thing and put it on complete with basic things in neutral colors. By the way, in the same way you can combine clothes of an unusual cut or things with a bold pattern. Basic things of neutral colors act as a background for a bright garment. And anything can become it – a bright jacket, socks, a checkered vest, etc. The main thing is that such a thing be the only one in your image, otherwise instead of elegance you will get overkill.
  7. Choose a jacket and trousers from different sets Instead of wearing a jacket and trousers from the same set, you can create the proper contrast without even using brightly colored clothes. The rule is this: jacket and trousers should be of different colors. It is colors, not shades. A light blue jacket and navy trousers are a little different from what you would like to get in a finished look. But a gray jacket and cream trousers are already a finished look that gives you elegance. If you’re unsure of your ability to match colors correctly, just choose gray trousers. Jackets of almost any color are suitable for them – brown, blue, green, etc. How to wear a suit in the summer so as not to sweat
  8. Use layering in clothing In the autumn and spring, many people prefer to dress as simply as possible (sweater and jacket) and miss many opportunities to create an interesting mix of things. Firstly, do not be afraid of a multilayer combination of clothes: it is not only beautiful, but also convenient. Changeable weather will not be able to make you freeze or, on the contrary, dream of getting to your house more quickly in order to remove your overly warm top. You will always be able to take off any of the items of clothing in order to feel comfortable again. Secondly, layering is an endless opportunity for self-expression. You can combine basic things from the wardrobe, while getting a stylish and interesting look.
  9. Learn how to match a pocket square to match a tie It is not only possible to wear it, but it is also necessary, because a chest scarf is one of the easiest ways to give your image originality. In the proper wearing of a scarf there is one important rule that you should never forget about it: it must be selected based on the color of the tie. The scarf and tie should be in harmony, be combined with each other, and not be two separately existing accessories.
  10. Dilute your wardrobe with things of different styles And finally, the most interesting: your basic things do not have to be modest and commonplace. In the basic wardrobe there can be a jacket, and torn jeans, and a T-shirt with a provocative inscription – the main thing is that things go together. Therefore, do not focus on simplicity. Well, or as a last resort do not be afraid to change your style.