Dare To Include These 8 Pieces Of Clothing In Your Closet

Dare To Include These 8 Pieces Of Clothing In Your Closet

Men’s fashion is usually less varied. There is little space to vary, but dare to include these 8 pieces of men’s clothing in your closet and you will improve your style.We recommends clothes that will help you break the rules. Keep reading and learn more.

Dare to include these 8 pieces of men’s clothing in your closet

Don’t keep the typical leather jacket, the black suit, the white shirt and the leather shoes. For men there are also different options to look fashionable. Despite all those rules you hear, there are options to get out of the ordinary in men’s clothing.

Vertical striped fabrics

The patterns are usually taboo for men. The stripes were long out of fashion, but we have seen how they have returned in women’s clothing. Men cannot be left behind.

The simple vertical stripes can look good in bomber jackets, buttons, blazers, suits and pants. Of course, try to use a single piece with stripes, the rest of the unicolor attire and the stripes are very thin.

Cargo pants

Cargo pants were fashionable in the late 90s, early 2000s. Especially among young people. From there they became very badly seen, any adult who used them gave the impression of being scruffy.

But the truth is that they are very comfortable and useful pants, what you should do is look for ones that fit you, that are your size and straight legs. Wear them with button-up shirts, sweaters and blazer as an alternative to the Chinese for a casual look. For an informal look combine them with a sweatshirt.

Finally, avoid carrying things in your pockets, because they will end up ringing or marking.

Extravagant sneakers

The minimalist sneakers, generally white, have their space in fashion, they are still used. But, in addition to these, the “ugly” sneakers, of great size, that remind the nineties are making their way.

Brands as fashion as Prada and designers like Stella McCartney have dad’s shoes in their collections . They are shoes with a large sole and very varied colors, both for men and women.

Our advice for gentlemen is to wear extravagant shoes, but intelligently. You can’t wear them with suits, but they do go very well with joggers and even men’s jeans .

Corduroy Cloth Pieces

Corduroy fabric is not seen as very fashionable. We all associate it with a style of the 70s and especially with university clothes of that time. The latter perhaps thanks to Hollywood movies.

But in 2018 you can wear corduroy pieces, it is ideal for jackets, pants and even caps. Ideally, use only one garment at a time.

It is a warm material that will help you to warm yourself better in autumn, it is a classic of men’s winter clothing.

Floral print

The floral is widely associated with summer. Short sleeve button-up shirts with flowers are a classic of these seasons. But it is not limited for this time or this piece.

What you should be clear about is that it is far from being a print only for women. And that men can look great with this. It doesn’t have to be a Hawaiian shirt, now flowers are combined with dark tones like blue or black.

And you can wear a print shirt with a single-color jacket to give it a little more seriousness.

If you want to give an informal touch to a suit look, wear a tie with a good floral pattern. If you’re going to wear a bermuda, don’t fear flowers, but prefer them in dark colors.

Waist bags

In other posts we mentioned that the fanny packs came back, and in a big way, they began to see in the couture catwalks. These are another element of the nineties that is back in fashion. Nobody thought it would be like that, but they are here, so you should know how to use them.

Sometimes not to tell them fanny packs they mention them as cross wallets, but in reality they are fanny packs. Those bags that were associated with noventeros looks. That go around the waist.

The fanny packs returned because they are very practical. You will have everything you need near your body, they are very safe and you will not carry the weight in your pockets.

Choose dark colored models, avoid too many ornaments and pockets.

Short sleeve shirts

Short sleeve shirts are associated with little adult or formal looks. But the truth is that they are a basic piece in today’s men’s wardrobe.

Remember to wear men’s short sleeve shirts that should fit you very well. Very tight it will seem that they cut your circulation in the biceps and very loose you will see yourself sloppy.

Short sleeve shirts are part of the clothing that every man should have. They can be striped, floral or single-color prints.

Baggy pants

In recent years what has been more fashionable for men are skinny jeans, these allow you to better show the figure and even the sneakers. Baggy jeans bring us back to the nostalgia of the nineties.

But take into account that they should not be as wide as at that time. Just a little loose. They should always fit well at the waist , have a straight and loose cut. They must be long, fair. Avoid this ninety look by dragging the trouser under the shoes.

Clothing that every man should avoid

Now, let’s go to the list of pieces of clothing that you should avoid in your wardrobe:

  • Jeans with embroidery or colored seams.
  • Flip-flops or sandals unless it’s at the beach or pool.
  • Belts with tacks or tips.
  • A vest with a shirt down.
  • Wide ties
  • Big blazers.
  • Square toe shoes.

Dare to include these 8 pieces of men’s clothing in your closet and you will see how it improves your look. It is important to be fashionable and look good learning to combine different garments. What other clothes would you include on this list? Which one would you take out? Tell us