Everything you need to know about shirts

Today we are going to tell you something that can never be missing from your wardrobe: the shirt . This timeless garment of different colors and styles is one of the few that you can use for formal events and for informal occasions, without forgetting that you can also take them in your day to day office.

With the style that you have, and a few tips from here we are going to give you , surely more than one will ask you for advice when putting this or another shirt. Obviously, the first thing you have to keep in mind is to find yourself comfortable with the shirt you’re wearing. Starting from the basis that the shirts are divided according to the sleeve in short and long, following this pattern we will find different fabrics, cuffs and collars . Let’s see everything in more detail below.

Short sleeve shirts

Basically the short sleeve shirt is more for a casual look than for something more elegant. In fact, although you are determined to wear it in a more chic event, you need to combine it with long jeans, and always with sports shoes.

If you are going to spend the afternoon taking a walk around the streets of the city, strolling through the park, having a drink on one of the many terraces that summer offers, you will have to use it with shorts. If it’s short jeans, better. Here we use summer shoes, loafers or the typical canvas shoes. If your style is bogo-chic and you’re a daring guy, we recommend colorful prints or floral themes .

To take into account is that you do not have to show your chest, nor the pectorals that cost you so much to get in the gym. With this type of shirt, the two buttons on top of the shirt without buttoning are more than enough to go perfect in any situation.

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This type of garment can also be worn open, using an inner tank top and combined with linen pants. But, yes, do not combine it with ties, bow ties, braces and other accessories. Do not try to put it under your pants , it will be useless, since its fabric is usually loose and vaporous. Always use it outside and let go, let the shirt fall and dance to the beat of your movements.

Long sleeve shirts

With this type of shirts we can play much more. It can be used for any occasion, whether formal or informal , in any style and at any season of the year. For formal occasions a single single color is recommended . If you are one of those who like colors you should fit a color that matches your skin type. In any case, if you feel like giving it some color, and you are undecided or you never know the color that best suits your skin type, use cool colors. The color white, the shirt of all life, is synonymous with elegance . Sometimes it is convenient not to risk.

The long sleeve shirt, unlike the short one, allows you to combine it with ties, bow ties , suspenders and also, of course, with the French fist, the double fist or with a pair of cufflinks. At weddings or events that use tuxedo, tuxedo or morning dress, there is no doubt about it: French fist yes or yes .

For informal occasions you can use a more casual and wide style, ideal to combine with jeans . If you want to improve the look, a sweater or blazer will be more than enough to get the desired result.

Shirt collars

At this point we have talked about the fabric, the color, the fist … At this point, we are going to tell you the last of the secrets that will turn you into a scholar in the matter, the collar of the shirt . Here we will give a few brushstrokes on the different finishes that exist. If you want to know more about the subject, we recommend our article in which we treat the shirt collars in depth.

  • English collar : it is the most traditional of all. The tips are long and together. Ideal for a formal look .
  • Italian collar : it is the most used in formal occasions with a tie . The tips are somewhat shorter and the shape more open than the English collar, which makes the tie look.
  • French neck : derived from the previous two. It is ideal for casual looks . In addition, it adapts to any type of tie knot.
  • Opera collar or tuxedo : it is the type of neck indicated for suits of rigorous etiquette . They are always accompanied by the French fist. They accept both a bow tie and a bow tie.
  • American collar : what stands out from this neck is the loop between the ends, which allows the knot of the tie. If the model has buttons on the tips is ideal to combine with ties .
  • Neck Mao : inspired by the style of the Chinese ex-leader. Having no flaps or folds does not admit any complement. Of all is the informal neck and a youth alternative to the tuxedos. Without a doubt, the most casual option.