How to Choose Sunglasses for your face shape & skin tone

Throughout our lives we make many difficult decisions, that we meditate and meditate for fear of making mistakes. But few like choosing the right glasses . Going to an optician can absorb your desire to live as would the best dementors. Glasses and more glasses on the walls, each in a different shape and brand, turn the decision into an authentic odyssey. And the worst is that you can not opt ​​for one lightly, since the saddle you choose will be the one that accompanies you on your day to day during a good season.

So that you do not regret having paid for some glasses that you do not end up feeling comfortable with, at StyleMen we help you find the ideal glasses for your face.

  • Round face . Have they ever told you that you have a face of bread? Well, please do not wear round glasses if you do not want the feeling to be worse. The good thing about having this type of face is that the solution is very simple: square glasses and problem solved . If they are with double bridge between the lenses , this new trend that is so fashionable lately, much better, since they will make people notice the top of your face. The double bridge is usually accompanied by oval glasses, but if you look well you can find them with a square frame and get the perfect look.
  • Square face . At the opposite end we have those rectangular faces with marked cheekbones. Here the goal is precisely to soften that strength of the jaw . Therefore, rounded glasses (and not especially large) are the best option . Among all, we are with the aviator .
  • Oval face . Unlike with square and round shapes, oval faces stick with the vast majority of glasses , so we are facing the ideal face to carry any design. With the oval faces, the only problem will be to decide between the multiple options that there are. The only thing you have to be careful of is the width of the glasses. Try not to be too wide , otherwise it might seem that you have a longer face of the account. Overcome this small pitfall, choose the one you like the most. It is true that with a geometric design you could achieve perfection, but in general everything will look good.
  • Long face . The elongated faces are narrower, but you should not bet on small glasses. Even if you think that they hit more with your face, precisely what you need is something groundbreaking, that makes the difference. Therefore, use glasses larger than you had originally thought, but without going over.
  • Triangular face . In a face with a triangle shape, the most remarkable thing is its wide jaw. The rest of the face will narrow as you go up. As with the more rectangular face, what we need is to compensate the strength of the lower part of our face with glasses that accentuate the upper area. Therefore, we recommend rounded or oval shapes with half mount , or pull classic and take aviator.
  • Heart shape (inverted triangle) . The last of the most common faces stands out for his forehead and wide cheekbones and his narrow chin with a ‘v’ shape. What we have to do in this situation is just the opposite that with the triangular face, liven up the area above and accentuate the lower area. A wider frame in this part would be great, as well as slightly oval or square lenses and not too large . As for the color, the clear tones far from the eccentricity are perfect.

Other features that you should keep in mind

Knowing your face will allow you to choose the right frame once and for all. And we do not refer only to the shape of the face, but to other fundamental points that we review below:


  • With a broad nose, large glasses but with a thin bridge , to avoid further increasing the size of our nose to the eyes of the rest.
  • With a narrow nose, it uses a titanium frame , which has supports called platelets that are much more comfortable.
  • With pointed nose, the bridge should be low .
  • With a rounded nose, the bridge should be higher .

Hair and skin

Both the skin color and the hair color do not influence both the type of frame and the color of it. In that case, the solution is much simpler. If you have doubts, bet on the black , unless you have dark skin, at which time you should look favorably on a warmer color, mainly brown, which is never out of place.

However, if you are determined to wear colored glasses, remember:

  • If you are brown , the best are the brighter shades such as red or blue .
  • If you’re blond , look for glasses that contrast with your hair, like blue or dark green .
  • If you are redheaded , avoiding yellowish colors will be more than enough.
  • If you have gray hair , you can maintain the style with a gray frame or dare with intense colors like red .