How to Combine Clothes According to Skin Tone

All people have colors that, by dressing them, favor us more than others. There are colors that can make us look better and, therefore, strengthen our self-esteem.

Knowing what colors favor us is very easy for us to get people to give us their point of view, to be attracted to us, because color looks like no other.


The most recommended colors for people with white skin are blue, dark red, green and purple. The little brown people can also use browns and beiges that are stronger, to the detriment of yellow, which does not favor anything. Black is also a good option, since it is a color that looks to everyone. It is essential that in the summer play with intermediate colors of these colors.


If you have dark skin try to use lighter shades to achieve an air of softness that relax your features. Although it also depends on what you want to convey and how daring you are.

Avoid under any circumstances the brown and beige colors in jackets or shirts, since these colors will make you look dull and sad, instead, interchange them with pink and intermediate colors like turquoise blue, greens, yellows and salmon.


This skin color brings many advantages, if you have taken a lot of sun this summer you can combine your skin tone with many colors, although the one that stands out the most will always be white, the ranges of grays, persimmons and blues. It is important that you leave aside purple, brown and strong blues, as it will not make anything of you stand out.