How to combine socks with clothes

Sometimes we believe that combining our clothes without any pattern or techniques to do it will still make us look great when it comes to leaving, but the answer is No. We must get used to following certain dress guidelines, and one of them is to combine your socks with the clothes or attire you choose.

Rules to combine socks with clothes

To look smart, wherever you are and the style of clothing you wear, you must follow the following style rules :

1. Match your socks with the color of the tie  

Surely this seems a bit crazy, but simply by combining your color of socks with the pattern or design of your tie, you can see yourself well. In this way, none of the garments will be too flashy and distort in your attire.

Try to use more neutral tones when the occasion is a formal event such as a job interview, this will help you to make the suit more attractive and highlight much more.

2. Do not combine light suits with dark socks

Something that we have to be very clear about is that although black combines with everything, wearing dark socks with a light suit is a mistake, since it is out of tune. The ideal is always to wear socks that match your clothes so there is not much contrast, especially if you go to a meeting where you are sitting most of the time.

3. Color tune between the trousers and the socks

Another rule that many men confuse is to combine their socks with their shoes and leave aside the tone of their trousers. If we use a color of socks equal to the shoes we would be dividing the lower set of the outfit.

On the other hand, if we combine the colors of our trousers with those of the socks, we can achieve a more stylized, slender and classy style. The socks should not be the same color as the pants, they can be a lighter shade or a little darker, but always in combination without generating great contrasts.

4. Small garments in bright colors

If we look for a formal and executive look, the striking and brightly colored socks are a resounding no. Now if we look for a more informal style we can give a little to the imagination. This advice applies to other accessories such as ties and belts.

5. Similar textures

Try to choose a texture similar to the fabric of your suit, in this way your style will look more elegant. Especially be careful when you wear wool socks, since they are quite informal and can end up ruining your look.

6. Costumes, long socks

And finally as a last rule, if you think that wearing a suit in a formal event, you should always combine it with long socks. It looks very informal and unprofessional to wear ankle-length socks with a dress suit.