How to Dress for an Interview

Follow these rules of good dress for a job interview that brings you by stylesmen. we want to advise you to have the appropriate look, depending on the position you aspire to. Keep reading and find out what you can use and what you should leave in the closet.

Get ready to impress in the interview

Job interviews are a formal occasion where the first impression is worth a lot. How you dress and your overall appearance is part of the nonverbal language and influences the selection process. Dressing appropriately will indicate to the employer your professionalism and interest in the position.

You should not only worry about how to dress for a job interview , but also about how you look. Here we present the basic rules that you must follow, no matter if you are male or female, it is recommended to follow them.

  • Follow the basic hygiene rules or you will ruin the presentation to your potential employer. Take a bath before the interview, keep your hands clean. If you use perfume or any lotion that does not have a strong smell.
  • Women should wear makeup as natural as possible, nothing overloaded. The hairstyle for the interview should also be discreet. You can wear your hair loose or collected in a low bun.
  • In the case of men it is preferable to shave. If they choose to wear a beard or mustache it has to be well groomed.
  • It is recommended to cover the tattoos. And if you have piercings on the face or ears, remove them to attend the interview.
  • Take care of the appearance of your hands. Nails must be clean. In the case of women, go as natural as possible. If you want to paint them use a light color, do not use strong colors that distract the attention of the employer.

Rules of good dress for a job interview

You have been preparing for the job interview, but there is still a detail that you do not know how to solve: how to dress. Many people go through this doubt, especially if it is the first time they go to these types of appointments.

For that day your look should go according to the job you aspire to. Always giving preference to a classic style. Every detail of your appearance counts, and the employer will look at them to see if you represent the image of the company. You will want to be remembered at the end of the interview for your skills and not for going with an inappropriate look.

Hit the look for a job interview following these rules. They will also serve to put the wardrobe for the office and always be well dressed.

1. Find out the company’s dress code

Before going to the interview, study how the other employees of the company or the sector to which it belongs belong. It is common for each job site to have its own dress code, imitate it so as not to clash. In fact, it is advisable to raise expectations slightly, but without exaggeration.

If you know someone within the company, ask them how employees usually dress. You can also check with the person who arranged the interview. Another way to find out is to approach the company and see for yourself. If you opt for this last option go between Monday and Thursday, on Fridays some employers give you the freedom to go more casual.

2. Opt for a classic and discreet style

You must convey a clean and professional image. The safest way to do this is to wear a classic and discreet style. Avoid bright colors or garments.

The person doing the interview will look at you as a whole. If you want him to be attentive to your answers do not distract him with an inappropriate image. Otherwise it will remind you for the least appropriate reasons.

3. Wear clothes that you are comfortable with

When you think about how to go to a job interview, you may find uncomfortable costumes that have nothing to do with your style. This does not have to be this way, you can reflect your way of being in clothes, without being very strident.

The goal ahead is to convey professionalism and for this you must be comfortable in your clothes. Wear clothes that are your size, that fit well. In the case of women who are not very tight or show much skin.

Pants must be of appropriate length, not to drag on the floor. Jacket sleeves must also be the correct length. Clothing of the right size will make you feel safer before and during the interview.

4. Choose the appropriate colors

For this situation, neutral colors such as gray, navy and black are recommended for suits. The shirt in a lighter color like white or light blue. Women have more freedom with the background tone, but try not to use a very striking color.

You can do a little research on what the tones of the clothes convey to choose the appropriate colors for the interview . Navy blue reflects integrity and professionalism. The black also, but do not use it in excess, combine it with contrasting garments.

Yellow transmits energy, creativity and joy; Red is dominant and orange is synonymous with an outgoing personality. These tones can be used sparingly, in some accessory or complement. Don’t give them much prominence.

5. Dress according to the type of work

It must be clear that not all jobs are the same. Those performed in a traditional office require a more formal look. These are related to the finance sector, business, among others.

For these cases men should go with a two-piece suit, long-sleeved shirt, tie and formal shoes. Women also with pants or skirts, or if they prefer a conservative dress and closed shoes.

Other jobs are developed in a more casual environment. You are interested in knowing then how to dress for an informal job interview . Men can go with a pair of cloth or jeans in dark tones, long sleeve shirt, sweater or sport jacket. In the case of women, they can also wear jeans in dark colors, with long-sleeved shirt or blouse or French. You should not go with a tank top to a job interview.

Men: the two-piece suit does not fail

Let’s see in more detail what to wear and what to avoid if you are male or female. Let’s start with men’s fashion for the office .

You can’t look bad before your employer if you choose a two-piece suit. The best color options are dark blue and dark blue. Say no to light blue in the suit. Even the light gray, although more serious, looks boring and may not make you stand out enough.

The color of the jacket and the pants of the suit must combine. Wearing a white dress shirt is a safe alternative, so is light blue. Make it a plain color or a discreet print. Fashion dress shirts leave them for another occasion, not for work.

Use quality ties that match the rest of the clothes. They are discreet and do not have cartoons drawings or something similar. Socks should be dark and formal shoes. The belt must match the footwear. Limit the accessories to a watch and a ring.