How to integrate jeans to all kinds of looks

There is a doubt that arises among men constantly and that is how to integrate jeans into all kinds of looks . This garment is the basic of a closet, helps you feel comfortable, and does not have to be synonymous with informality.We will show you how to use it in your favor.

Jeans, a garment with history

Cowboys emerged in the nineteenth century in a period called the gold rush, mainly in the United States. Levi Strauss was a German who sold tents for miners. However, his business was not very successful, since they preferred to sleep abroad.

The German noticed that there was a problem with the miners’ pants, since since the work was so strong and the gold nuggets so heavy, it was very normal for the cloth to give in and break. Levi used the material of his tents to create a overalls.

A little later, Jacob Davis appears in the story who was a tailor who bought cloth from the German to fix the clothes of the miners. He proposed to Strauss partner to create a garment that was strong enough to resist the work of a gold digger. It is here where Levis pants arise .

That later, in the decade of the 60 stops being a pledge for work and becomes a symbol for the youth . Over time, cowboys have evolved to become the ones they know today.

Jeans according to your body type

Jeans are a basic garment in any closet. The best thing about them is that they don’t go out of style, so they are ideal for the whole year. There are so many models and shapes that it is impossible not to find ones that are consistent with your type of figure.

The biggest conflict is almost always knowing how to combine men’s jeans especially for occasions when you want to look a little more groomed or don’t want to look bored. This garment can be part of a daily look, but it can also be perfect for various special occasions.

A mistake many make is not knowing their body type and this is an important part of knowing what will fit you best. Below we will explain a little more detail about which jeans are right for you.

There are many types of figure and the idea is always to look good. We will give you some tips that can help you select jeans according to your body type.

  • Short height men should choose jeans to the ankle, that creates the optical illusion of more height.
  • For high there are more options, skinny jeans.
  • If you have muscular thighs, the best solution is slim fit, these are able to adapt to the figure without any problem.

Now that you know which ones can best look your figure you can think about how to combine jeans . You just need to know what clothes can accompany it according to the occasion.

We will give you some examples that can help you establish different looks according to what you need.

To The Office

Many people believe that jeans are not for the office and they are wrong. This garment can be used for almost everything. You just need to know how to take it. If you want to look great at work you just have to combine them with shirts.

An excellent option can be to wear dark jeans with a blazer and a white or light-colored shirt, add a pair of leather shoes and be ready to go to work.

To go out with friends

Every Men likes to look good and a good way is to take advantage of the fashion trends of fall 2019 . You can surprise your friends wearing jeans and patterned shirts, depending on where they are going to leave you can opt for low shoes like sneakers.

For casual occasions

There are many occasions when the code is casual, a family reunion or some work. This garment can be perfect to assemble countless styles that can get you out of trouble more than once.

Although the latter are in trend, it is best to also have ones that are easier to combine and give you more versatility.

You can create different looks with men jeans . T-shirts are always a good option, you can give it a less casual touch, adding a blazer. For autumn it would be perfect, you can be warm and look good.

For a semi formal event

As for semi-formal events, cowboys can be a perfect substitute for dresses. In these cases we recommend wearing ones that are dark, they can be black, these always go well with everything, add a printed shirt or polo and a pair of leather shoes and you’re ready.

If on the other hand you want something with a little more personality you can opt for a jeans with a black or white shirt.

Street style

One of the outfits we like most is jeans with a simple t-shirt and to add a different touch add a leather jacket.

With this style you can wear worn jeans, torn or even simple jeans type, simple shirts are something you can wear, add accessories such as glasses, bracelets or something with color and go.