How you should dress in the gym

One can not rest in the gym anymore . The growing concern for the fashion of each other in a world in which we feel increasingly observed and pressured to reach the standards of modern beauty forces us to meditate also in the outfit of the gym as if we were going to a real banquet .

Luckily, here we are to help you with a series of tips and basic clothes with which to feel good and get the most out of your body.

Do not make mistakes, to a gym you have to go comfortable

It is true that today’s gyms are more similar to those of Ancient Greece, places of socialization in which to meet and relate to people while you exercise. But we must not forget one thing that may be of interest to you: the gym is going to train, and to train you have to go dressed comfortably .

Therefore, always look for elastic cotton t-shirts and, above all, that they are breathable . Seeing us sweat like crazy is not too nice. In this sense, we recommend doing without the gray shirts , since, within the reduced range of typical gym colors, it is in which the sweat is most noticeable.

Old clothes are not for the gym

Most of us tend to place gym clothes on a second level , in a second division. And as such, we usually bring something broken or very worn clothing down to that second category before giving it the definitive thrust, which is none other than using it to walk around the house. That chain that we have followed to the letter for years must be broken at once, at least with regard to the intermediate step.

Gym clothes should be adapted to the gym, not anything in disuse . So if you do not want to let go of a specific garment because you have affection, use it in your evening of peli and blanket, not to exercise. You will thank us.

Adapt to what will suit you …

We would all like to show off what we want. And you can do it, well, nobody prevents you. Another thing very different is that it will look good on you . Buying gym clothes is not just going to the Decathlon and filling the shopping cart, it requires a series of rules that you must take into account, because not all styles fit well with each one’s physique. Stay tuned, here are some guidelines to follow:

  • If you have a sculptural body, choose short and sleeveless shirts . Of course, do not buy them two sizes less, because it will cost much more to use you thoroughly.
  • If you are starting and the only tablet is the one that you will eat when leaving the gym, opt for the wide shirts (not XXL), also highly recommended when you go to perform an exercise in which you sweat a lot.
  • If you are skinny enough, it is best to wear a hooded sweatshirt , which creates the feeling of a greater body volume.

… and the type of exercise you want to do

With regard to the bottom, the most recommended in the gym is to wear shorts . The type will depend on the exercise routine you have planned. And we have to start planning our session in the gym at home, to choose the right clothes according to the chosen planning. If you are going to dedicate yourself to do a spinning class, tight pants. If you want to do leg using weight, baggy.

The same goes for sports. The ones you use when you’re going to run on the treadmill should be different from the weight-bearing exercise, although almost no one complies. Neither this nor the pants is very difficult, and it is more important than it seems to avoid possible bad postures and injuries .

Leggins yes, but not at any price

Many women opt for leggings to go to the gym, as they are flexible, comfortable and stylish. Should we follow in his footsteps? No problem, but with one condition: put on some shorts . It is not a plan to mark more than the account or to embarrass the rest or yourself. In addition, the combination of shorts and mesh is fashionable among celebrities. If Justin Bieber is wearing it , why do not you?

Socks, that big problem

When we say that everything is important in gym clothes, we do not exaggerate. The socks, that part of our wardrobe that we pay so little attention to (what did not you notice or what you wore until now?) Can ruin our look . Therefore, record this with fire. No patterned socks or weird prints, here it is mandatory to be simple. Short, plain socks, and that’s it . The color does not matter as long as they are short and smooth. Have you understood us? Short and smooth, short and smooth, short and smooth.

Keep everything in a decent bag

The entrance to the gym can only be triumphant if you are accompanied by the perfect sports bag , the one that suits both the clothes that you wear to work and sports, so that you do not sing at any time. We leave you four options to become definitely the influencer of your gym.