Man’s Guide To Wearing Jeans At Work

Do you love wearing jeans but do not know how to combine them to go to work? StylesMen consulted the experts and they propose these five ways of wearing jeans in the office while continuing to look professional.

The one who normally wears a suit For the man who usually wears tailored clothing, the key is to treat jeans as a direct substitute for Chinese trousers. A straight cut is vital: neither too thin (inadequate), nor too baggy (dad’s jeans).

The denim must be dark and of uniform color. These straight-leg trousers are by Richard James so he feels appropriately mature and properly fitted. Ideally, the jeans should end in the shoes and opt for a shoe ‘softer’ than the usual black color.

The creative It is not easy to wear a double denim successfully. Those who achieve it tend to be creative and self-confident. Dressing a suit would nullify his artistic flow.

A useful tip to make this seem appropriate for the job is to incorporate color, patterns and accessories to break the double denim – for example the image shows a plaid flannel shirt, jeans that are folded to show an openwork leather boot and a duffel bag. Wearing a jean coat as a piece under a brightly colored coat also softens the impact.

The one that is ready for everything. It is often worthwhile to be dressed for any occasion should the unexpected happen – the CEO comes unannounced from the global headquarters, or is asked to attend a dinner with a client and does not have time to change.

This versatile look will serve you for any unexpected situation that arises in your work. Even though this jean has a very thin cut, they are molded to guarantee comfort – something important if you are wearing it all night or all day long.

The one who works until dawn. A man who works hard and enjoys himself even more needs an outfit that flows smoothly between business and entertainment. You’re not dressing to impress your boss: this more modern look is ideal for the worker who has an eye on the clock and the other in his colleague with whom he will go out to dinner once he arrives at the time of departure.

Black jeans have rock’n’roll connotations, but this APC design is not so tight as to cause any discomfort – either for the wearer or for the person sitting on the other side of the table. Black denim looks smarter than gray and goes well with black boots. It is combined with a white shirt cut tight to the body buttoned up.

Who Loves Casual Fridays Many offices have informal dress codes – especially on Fridays – but informal should not equate to scruffy. You can still be well dressed with an informal look. The clearer, crumpled and faded the jean, the more informal it will be.

Generally, jeans as well-dressed as this J.Crew would be better to keep them for the weekend. But along with cinnamon-colored suede boots instead of sneakers and a chambray shirt with a faded collar and faux jacket instead of a polo, so that all dull colors complement each other, these jeans are elevated to clothing appropriate for the office.