Men Casual Styles and How to Dress Casual

One of the styles most used by men when it comes to putting together their look is the casual style. This is much more comfortable and easy to combine, as it is characterized by being scruffy. With a casual look you can be casual but elegant and nothing boring. Now, if you have no idea how to combine this look, here we will teach you certain tricks and give you tips so you can get the perfect look.

What is casual style? The first thing we have to do is explain what this particular style is all about, since this is one of the looks that men use most every day without making too many adjustments. The ‘casual’ look is usually informal, comfortable and essential for any man, since it will help you get out of any trouble you are in.

This style is characterized by wearing the following basic garments:

  • Jeans
  • shirts
  • Basic Shirts
  • Coats
  • Bermuda
  • Chinese pants
  • Sneakers
  • Other type of shoes

What is intended is that with these garments the gentleman not only looks good, but is extremely comfortable with every part of his body. However, there are certain garments that although they are very comfortable are not considered as ‘casual ‘, for example, a tracksuit is not casual, since it is something that we use at home to be more comfortable, but it is highly forbidden to use it outside the home. In turn, some Chinese pants may be casual, but they are somewhat uncomfortable to wear.

Functional style

This is one of the most important features of this style, since everything you have in your closet could work to add it to the casual. It is a versatile look that you can combine with office clothes, study or to go out with your friends.

Now, you must keep in mind that wearing a casual style does not mean that you will walk all over the street as if you were just up. The trick is to look casual but without losing elegance. If you don’t know how to wear it, then pay attention to the following tricks and tips that we will give you to wear this look.

Tips and tricks for casual dress

And here is the most interesting part, the one that we give you the keys to get a casual look. There are thousands of looks and articles talking about the looks, but the important thing is to understand the keys so that everyone can create their own look, adapted to their personal style.

Search traditional clothes

This style is not based on wearing sportswear. What you should do is look for traditional garments that combine in an eye-pleasing way. For example, you can wear a shirt without wearing a tie , Converse shoes: Or wear an American with a shirt.

Discard the option to combine colors

Although it is always good to combine the colors to have harmony in the outfit, the casual style takes away that option to do what you want with your outfit. But, be very careful with this, what we recommend is to bet on neutral , earth, blue, red, black or beige tones .

Pay attention to the prints

A print that you can never miss in your closet are those of stripes or paintings. However, we recommend that you give an opportunity to the different graphics that exist today, in addition to the floral patterns that are so much in trend. These are excellent so you can wear a casual style.

Sweaters are important

Now, sweaters are something you can not forget for the ‘casual’ style, especially in winter, since there are many models from which you can choose, but the one that we recommend the most is the model that has a tuxedo collar. These will be the trend for next year.

Earring with shoes

There is an infinite variety of ‘casual’ style shoes that you can use, but you must be very careful when combining colors, since we want you to look good, but not to make a fool of yourself in front of your friends. Shoes with earth tones may look excellent, but you can’t wear them with an outfit that doesn’t have similar tones.

Elegance in a suit

There is always the occasion where we should wear a suit, so we recommend using the one that makes you look much more comfortable. For this you must combine it with a simple shirt and do not wear a tie , use the style of glasses that you like and loafers without socks. So you will look perfect and elegant for any meeting you have at the last minute.

Also, do not forget to always have a blazer in your closet, as it would be extremely perfect for these types of occasions.

Pay attention to accessories

It is also important to pay close attention to the accessories you will use for your casual style, as you must be very careful not to look overloaded. Try to choose accessories that go with your style without highlighting much , since all we want is to complement the look much better.

We hope all these tips have helped you to know what to do when putting together your casual look. Remember that comfort is the most important.