Men Ultimate Guide to Music Festival Style

Festival fever has been increasing in recent years. Today, there are hundreds of music festivals throughout the country, and sooner or later, for one reason or another, you end up seeing yourself on one of them . If this is your first time in this world, surely one of your main concerns is choosing the right clothes. To avoid a ridiculous four days there, we give you the most sensible advice to choose your look .

The first thing you need to know is that the festivals are never and will not be like the photos that are shown of them. Unspoiled people, with formal clothes, jumping, dancing and laughing without a drop of sweat or wine stain spoiling their image. In real life, festivals are events where fun is assured, but not the fashion spirit . Of course you can go ‘guapete’, but I do not think the conditions encourage you to do a photo shoot. Having said that, we can start preparing our looks.

Fate influences everything

The first thing we must think about is the destination and what the proper climate of that area is. If we go to the north , we will have to wear a bonnet, as our grandmothers would say, because it will refresh; if the destination is the south , it will be necessary to take something cooler; if we go up the mountain we will have to wear thick clothes; If the festival has a beach nearby, you can not forget the swimsuit.

Try to find out what the weather conditions will be and you will not fail. After knowing this, you can be a little more creative when choosing your favorite clothes.

The most important thing is comfort

Surely, next to the decent shower, what you are going to miss the most during those days is the comfort, to be comfortable. Within the event you will spend many hours on foot , traveling tens of kilometers every day and dancing, jumping or doing pogos without stopping . Imagine doing it with those cool shoes that you get when you have a wedding or a baptism, your feet would end up broken into a thousand pieces. Do not go with flip flops or espadrilles, because they’ll step on you a few times. Therefore, always wear comfortable shoes . The best, sports or sneakers . And if it can be, do not have them in esteem, since they are likely to wear out .

Primate comfort also forces us to wear tracksuits over jeans , unless they are short and more or less comfortable. In the summer festivals it can be replaced by a swimsuit. In winter ‘festis’ everything is your choice, the tracksuit is comfortable but less safe to store things, a cowboy tightens more but gives you more confidence against pickpockets and thieves.

If you just want to be remembered eternally, give up your tracksuit, jeans and other mainstream clothes, and bet on wearing a Kilt or skirt for men . Freshness, originality and comfort in the same garment, plus you will be one of the festival’s most notorious attendees.

What else? Oh, yes, take a lot of socks, as many as you can. If it rains, one of the worst sensations is to have wet and damp feet. If it is very hot, the feet are filled with dust and sand. Also, be it spring or winter, your feet smell , so we advise you to wear socks for a regiment.

A couple of indispensable things

  • The first and fundamental, will be your travel companion at all times, the complement that will help you both to feel integrated as to survive the experience: the fanny pack . There are of all styles, of all sizes and of all colors, so there is no excuse to get the star product this spring . With it you can have everything you need accessible and also provide you with much needed security and confidence to enjoy during concerts. When you go to a festival, you will see that everyone has this type of bag with them. Failing that you can take a backpack with ropes , also very fashionable but somewhat heavier and uncomfortable.
  • On the other hand, a pair of sweatshirts will be totally necessary, since always, in all festivals, when night falls, there is a time when it is very cold . And although the event is held in a hot or southern city, we can assure you that drastic temperature changes are the worst . If above, we add the presence of a beach or river, the sensation of freshness will increase even more during the dawn. In this way, sweatshirts can save us from the constipation of the next day.

Complements that we usually forget and we should not do

  • The cap , necessary at all times to protect our head from the sun. Be it of any kind, flat or classic, we can assure that 90% of those attending a festival are accompanied by their hats. It is the complement that best adapts to atmospheric conditions: useful with cold, useful with heat.

  • More of the same with sunglasses . With them you can keep your eyes during the festival days, you can see the concerts without leaving your retinas and you can cover those beautiful eyes that appear with the hangover . Take them as you want and the style you want, but you should also take care of them like gold in cloth because a simple carelessness in a concert and those glasses will be broken into a thousand pieces.

  • Scarves Ideal for those who have long hair, but for those who can not also be a great ally . The handkerchief serves to cover the sun , if excessive heat can get wet and take it wet on the neck, and can even be useful to wrap a little when it’s cold … If the concert venue is built on land or albero (something very common), large clouds of dust will rise with the movement of the public and the handkerchief can save you from breathing large amounts of it. Come on, it’s good for everything.

As always, the best advice for the end. Music festivals are usually events where cultural exchange and miscegenation are found, so that most people dress and express themselves in the way they believe best. No one looks over their shoulder, so you should not worry about ‘what they’ll say’ , since most people go in their own fun bubble. Surely, this environment is what makes festivals so successful.