Shirt collars: Types and Best Combinations

The collar of the shirt is a piece that we do not tend to pay too much attention but it is a part to keep in mind to get our clothes right. We tell you the main types of shirt collars that exist and how you can combine them so that this is not the reason why you erode your look.

The shirt is a garment that is present in the wardrobes of all men . It may not be your style but there is always some occasion in which the shirt becomes essential so, even in these cases, you have ever had to buy it. What do you notice when you go to buy a shirt? You will probably spend your time choosing a particular color, if you want smooth, checkered, striped or printed, if long or short sleeve, the fabric or even that of a certain cut. But how many times have you stopped to analyze the collar of the shirt?

Maybe you have not noticed the great variety of collars offered by this tailoring garment although it is a fundamental element to get our shirt to go in harmony with the rest of our attire . From the more traditional collar like the English collar to the mao collar, in this article we review the most common shirt collars and guide you on which is the best way to wear each one.

The tips and the width of the neck, two aspects to value

The type of collar of the shirt has more transcendence than, a prior, we can imagine. The shape of the neck will condition if the shirt should be used for a formal event or for a more everyday use, if it goes better with a bow tie, a tie or directly with nothing … so knowing them will help us choose the option more appropriate .The key to identifying the different types of neck is to control two fundamental aspects: the shape and distance of the tips and the width of the neck .

Types of collars

Now that you know what differentiates some other shirt collars, we tell you the six most common collars.

English collar or kent neck

This collar is undoubtedly one of the most popular shirt collars because it is the traditional collar of dress shirts . It is characterized by its elongated tips and not very separate although both the length of the tips and the distance can vary from one shirt to another depending on the manufacturer. They are stiff neck so they are perfect to wear a tie although you should keep in mind that if you buy one in which distance between the ends is small the tie will not look so much and you should take it into account when adding your tie, which should not be very wide The English collar is ideal for a formal and discreet style .

Italian collar

It is a neck very similar to English but with somewhat shorter tips and a more open neck . This style of collar has the advantage that you can wear the shirt with or without a tie , so it will depend on your choice or the event you go to. Unlike English, having the neck so open the tie will not lose prominence because it leaves the knot uncovered and can look in all its glory. Of course, if you opt for this complement better use one that is wide.

French collar

We could say that it is a shirt collar halfway between the two mentioned above: it is not as open as Italian but not as closed as English . It is characterized by a refined neck, practical and probably the most versatile of all, being able to accompany both a casual and ceremonial look. And you will not have to worry about the tie because the French collar is perfect with any type of knot.

Opera collar, tuxedo or wing collar

Without a doubt, the most formal of the shirt collars . Of small and separated peaks that allow to enhance the tie or the bow tie, it brings great elegance to the dress so it is used for galas or ceremonies whose presence requires a rigorous label. It goes well with tuxedo or tuxedo.

American neck

The striking thing about this shirt collar, which is not very common in Europe, is that it has a loop from end to end that allows the knot of the tie to look beautiful. This neck can be presented with or without buttons at the tips, in the latter case you can dispense with the tie and wear it open.

Mao neck

A good alternative if you want to give your costume a more informal and carefree look. It is a short neck, open and raised, without flaps and with rounded ends of clear oriental inspiration. This neck is totally incompatible with wearing a tie.

Some More Types of collars