Style and dress mistakes that every man should Avoid

Style and dress mistakes that every man should Avoid

Although a good alpha male does not need to follow fashion patterns, we must not deny that considering some recommendations will make him more attractive to the opposite sex.

They are style mistakes that suddenly become unforgivable. Regardless of the level of experience, you have to be careful to avoid them. Therefore, here we present the most recurring errors and you should avoid immediately:

1. Cargo shorts

These shorts make you look like a carpenter. They look careless, and ruin the silhouette of the leg with baggy pockets that flatter anyone.

2. Shirt outside the pants in formal event

A shirt in these conditions will make you look like a tramp. When you go to a formal event – or even semi-formal -, it is best to play with the dress code. Even if what you are wearing is not consistent with the event code, the least you can do is bring the shirt inside the pants.

3. Socks with sandals

This style makes you look like a dad on vacation. You have two options: wear sandals without socks or definitely not wear sandals, at all. The same goes for flip-flops.

4. Label on the sleeve of the bag

This oversight will make you look like a newbie. Occasionally we meet a man who is not aware that the label on the sleeve of a suit bag is intended to be cut with scissors before use. Do not make the same mistake.

5. Wear belt and suspenders at the same time

You don’t want to seem disoriented. The straps and belts are designed to keep your pants up. You don’t need both at the same time to do the same job. Choose one and hold on to it. Not many men wear braces, so it is best to leave them at home.

6. Bright shirts

A shirt with bright drawings will make you look creepy; I wouldn’t favor you to go to the club. Its bright colors are not so suitable to leave, as one might suppose. Getting rid of them and opting for light colored clothes would be better over time.

7. Fedora hat

Using them could cause anyone to take you seriously. The fedor hats had their shine time, but not now. It’s time to start accepting that and move on.

8. Socks with tennis

Wearing socks with sports shoes will make you look as if your mother dressed you. White socks are versatile and comfortable; however, you will look like a fool with this combination, and more if you are an enemy of the gym and of exercising.

9. Square toe shoes

You will look like a square. Round-toe shoes give your feet a nice silhouette to look at. With the square-tipped ones you will look awkward and monstrous, like a clown, unintentionally.

10. Dress shirts with jeans

These shirts with jeans cause confusion. Are you dressing well? Do you want to stay casual? When we put the dress shirt on your we can’t really say it.

11. Combos of shirts and ties

Even if you plan to take advantage of these combos in department stores, wearing them will make you look like a uniformed high school student. These packages are for the clueless guys who don’t know the first thing about the relationship of a tie with a dress shirt.

Usually, the ties include a bit of the color of the shirt, giving it a strange look that makes it overloaded and unpleasant. The colors of these shirts are not recommended. It is best to avoid them.