Style Tips To Look Taller

Style Tips To Look Taller

A mistake in the locker room will make short men look even smaller. To gain a few centimeters follow these style tips to look taller. The trick is in the details, vertical stripes, monochrome looks, fitted clothes, are some of the elements that you should take into account.

Slim fit cut is your best ally

Men have it more complicated than women when it comes to looking taller. However, there are ways to get a few extra centimeters using appropriate clothing with style tips to look taller

The main rule to look good, no matter your body type or height, is to wear tailored clothes. Always choose clothes that fit you well and are your size. In the case of suits, it is preferable that these be made by a tailor, as this will highlight the attributes of your body. But this option is more expensive than buying them in the store. So you can always buy one and ask to be adjusted.

The cut of the clothes you wear is one of the main characteristics that you should look for in each garment. Using an inappropriate cut will affect how your proportions look. So, if you wonder how to look tall , you should use slim fit.

The slim-fit is a type of cut that fits the figure, highlighting the shape of the body. The garments are narrower than the classic cut, which does not mean that they look tight. What you get with this is to eliminate excess cloth, which would make you look smaller.

So when choosing clothes, opt for those that are slim fit. In this style you will find any type of garments: pants, shirts, shirts, suits, jackets, etc.

Another cut that will also favor you is the skinny. This will suit you when they buy suits and pants. Both slim-fit and skinny will create the illusion of a longer silhouette, making you look taller in the eyes of others.

Style tips to look taller

Height is one of those characteristics that can detract from any man. But, although it seems complicated, there are ways to solve it. What you should look for when you go to buy clothes is to look for clothes that stylize you. Avoid very large clothes, as mentioned above, the excess fabric will make you look smaller.

On the contrary, tight clothing will lengthen your figure. This is the first trick you should take into account if you want to learn how to appear taller . To know other tips continue reading this post.

Choose a monochrome look

One of the best fashion tips for men  to get a few centimeters more height is to use clothes of the same color, both at the top and bottom. With this you give continuity to the figure, therefore you will appear taller than you really are.

The best colors for this type of looks are black, navy blue and gray. These will not only lengthen the figure but also make you look thin. So, if you have a few extra kilos, they will sit very well.

The monochrome look does not mean that you should wear the same tone in all clothes. You can play a little with the different shades of the same color range. That is, you can wear a light gray shirt with pants in a darker gray.

Reserve the dark colors for the bottom

You can apply this advice in your monochrome looks. Leave the darkest color for the bottom. For example, a blue shirt with marine pants. Combine them with socks and shoes in the same color range. This will allow to lengthen the legs, therefore you will look taller.

Learn to choose the most suitable pants

Another trick to look taller is to choose high-cut pants. These should be just below the navel. If they are higher they will shorten the torso, which will make your figure look disproportionate.

The high cut will allow the legs to look longer. As we mentioned in the previous point, use socks and shoes in the same range of colors to enhance the effect.

Remember that the best fit for both your jeans and the rest of the pants is the slim fit.

As for the length of the pants, these should be just above the shoes. This prevents them from bending in the lower part.

Use vertical stripes

When it comes to stripes you should opt for the diplomatic look . This means that you should prefer vertical stripes. This is a classic print that has returned to fashion catwalks and that short men feel very good.

Vertical stripes stylize, therefore they will make you look taller than you are. On the contrary, horizontal stripes do not favor you, they will make you look wider and shorter than you are because they shorten the figure.

The only way you could include horizontal stripes is in a shirt or shirt on which you wear a jacket. This will hide the effect by preventing all stripes from being seen. But, ideally, avoid them.

Wedge shoes

Men can also take advantage of shoes to earn a few centimeters. There are shoes with a slight heel to achieve this effect, but if you do not like this style, there are other tricks in the shoes to look taller .

Some shoe models include, under the insole, a wedge. This way nobody will notice that it is footwear that is giving you a little height. Celebrities like Tom Cruise wear this type of shoes to hide their height.

If you don’t get shoes with this wedge included, then you can buy some insoles to look taller. As these will remain inside the shoe, they will not be noticed either.

Short jackets

You should also take care of the type of jackets you use. Remember that the more cloth the clothes have, the smaller you will look. This applies to these garments, so you should not wear jackets that are too long or that are wide.

Jackets and jackets should reach your waist. Not lower, but not too high. Sleeves and jacket in general should be narrow.

In the case of the Americans, they must be lower than the sport jackets. But they should not be too low. The trick is to show the legs so they look longer. Another characteristic that you should look for in the jacket is that the bass is round and not straight.

How to choose the right suit

Finding the right outfit for short men doesn’t have to be complicated. If it is custom made much better. But, if you cannot afford this expense, there are a number of features that you should keep in mind.

Starting at the top. The sleeves of the shirt should look a little under the jacket. Never let them remain completely hidden beneath it. The jacket and pants should be the same tone if it is for a formal occasion. For informal occasions you can use different shades, but they are always of the same range.

Some signs to choose the jacket well are the positions of the pockets. The top one should be right on the chest, while the bottom ones are on the hip.

The flaps will also help you give more proportion to your body. The narrow ones will make the back look wider and vice versa. You must find the most appropriate proportion for your body type.

The suit must fit. Even when you buy it in a store, you can take it to a tailor to fit your figure. When you are shopping remember that tight does not mean tight.

What clothes should you avoid if you are short?

Just as there are tips that you should follow to see yourself taller, there are others that you have to keep in mind to not see you even lower.

  • Once again we mention the horizontal stripes. This type of prints shortens the figure, so it is better to avoid them.
  • When you wear shirts or shirts, they should fit your figure. Do not wear very large clothes because they will affect the proportion of your body. They will make you look much lower than you really are.
  • As for footwear, say no to pointed shoes. Although they have some wedge they do not fit your figure. They will make your feet look disproportionate to the rest of your body. They will get attention the wrong way.
  • Also avoid very large prints on shirts and t-shirts. It is a game of proportions, the bigger these are, the smaller you will see yourself.
  • And remember the main advice that any fashion expert will give you: buy clothes of your size. Do not use anything that is bigger or smaller because it will not fit you.