Styling Tips for Men Dressing to Look Good

There are people who make it look very simple, but the art of dressing well is something that not all men dominate, and even those who think they do sometimes have trouble finding out if what they actually use is correct or not.

That is why men’s wardrobe specialist, reveals nine secrets for good dress that will help us get the most out of our wardrobe.

So if you want to receive praise for your outfits, read this beginner’s guide to the masculine style and discover that dressing like a man is really not as difficult as you think.

1. Formal dressing is not the same as dressing well

Among men it is a belief that adding a tie and a formal blazer or putting on a suit means being well dressed. ERROR! Many times the right jeans and a simple shirt can look better than a very oversized combination of formal wear.

The secret is to analyze what you are wearing and find the elements that favor you and those that do not. Go in a mirror and get rid of everything left over. What remains is the core of good dress.

2. A garment that fits is more important than 10 that doesn’t

This is where the importance of a tailor comes in. Many times we buy clothes that do not fit our body and try to make it look, when it does not fit us. However, instead of investing in new clothes, you can grab a shirt or pants that you already have and take it to a tailor to make it fit your figure.

3. Avoid colors and you will make your life easier

Many times men encounter problems when combining different colors of clothing; However, if instead of worrying about it they kept it simple, this would be – to begin with – a great improvement. Dark pants, blue jeans without being torn or washed out, combined with white shirts or shirts, without signs, prints or textures.

Part of that basic look and when you have mastered it you can add some other color element, but following a basic rule: only one color at a time accompanied by garments with neutral tones. Example, if you want to wear a red scarf, do not wear a green shirt and mustard pants.

4. Being unique and different is overestimated

Many men believe that having style is equivalent to dressing “differently”; They are the same subjects that end up dressing like clowns. The key is to simplify your outfit as much as possible. Personal style is not a result of dressing up like Jared Leto would do in Suicide Squad (or in his general life), but dressing up thinking about your figure and the things that make you look good.

Do you remember the style of James Dean in Rebel Without cause?  Jeans, a white shirt and a leather jacket, that’s a basic look . Even if you think that this type of dress is very simple, you will soon discover that you will be given more praise for simple dress than for trying to hang a Christmas tree.

5. The wrong clothes will exaggerate the detail you want to hide

A wavy shirt can make a tall man look like a giant and make a thin person look malnourished. Similarly, a shirt with horizontal details in short and chubby people will make them look even smaller and bulky.

Many times clothing can highlight personal qualities, but other times it can make people perceive what you want to go unnoticed. The best thing you can do is think about the details you want to hide and those you want to highlight, and search the Internet for what kind of clothes you have left for such a mission.

6. The style is NOT in the details

Yes, it is everyone’s belief that a clock or a scarf, even cuff links, can be the cherry of the male-style cake ; However, the fact that just wearing a hat can make your style improve, you are very wrong. It is better to have a complete perspective of what you are wearing and see if those little details complement your outfit or are too much.

7. Less clothes can offer more variety than a vast wardrobe

You have to accept it: when a man is going to buy clothes, he thinks about whether he looks good in pants and shoes. Therefore we ended up having a wardrobe quite limited in possibilities. The next time you go to a store do not think of a specific outfit , but your wardrobe in general. If the clothes you already have abound in blue and green, you will not buy red or purple sneakers, which you cannot combine with anything.

8. You can redo your wardrobe with a very modest budget

Perhaps when reading this article you think that the secret of dressing well is hidden in having a lot of money to be able to buy expensive clothes and renew your wardrobe every four days. That’s not true. You can renew your closet and not spend much money in the process.

In fact, you do not need to buy expensive clothes, and if you are a beginner in this we do not recommend it. You can see what you have in your closet and analyze what you need. Remember that you do not have to buy everything in a batch, you can do it slowly, acquiring one or two garments every month and you will not notice so much the expense.

9. “Dress to express” has won by “dress to impress”

People think that dressing in a crazy way is the highest to get a job. However, if you were to ask for a job dressed like Jack Sparrow we are very sure that they would not even let you sit in the chair to start the interview. Before leaving your home you should think about what you want to express.

Example, if you go to a job interview or present a work project, what matters to you is that the rest see that you are professional; The blue color and khaki pants can help you. But if you are going out on a date, what you really want to express is that you are a very calm and light person, and this can be achieved with a pair of jeans and a white shirt. Before leaving your home you have to spend a little of your time thinking about your wardrobe and if you are dressed according to what you plan to express.

Now that you have read these nine golden rules of good dress, you are prepared to throw away everything that makes you look bad and start looking better.