The best beard styles according to the shape of your face

Twenty years ago, your uncle, your father, or, worse, your Geography teacher wore a beard. They did not take care of each other and they wore untidy. They were associated with a person who did not care about the characteristics of his chin. But nowadays, it would be very complicated to enter Instagram and not give it, without wanting to, I like it in one of the 27 million photographs that have the tag #barba.

 But how can we be sure that we are more like David Beckham than a grandfather? The key lies in taking care of our beards as much as we take care of our hair. Wash it properly, nourish it and do not forget to trim it carefully. And, if you do not know what type of beard favors more to the shape of your face, we have the advice of experts to help you.

 First, the most important thing, you have to know what you are looking for. “What you’re interested in is a perfect result for your face,” says Dom Williams, head of the AONO barber shop in London. “Always look for a shape contrary to your face, do not be afraid to ask a barber for advice and never cut your beard before talking to him.”

With this in mind, you can consult our guide of styles of beards to know the different forms of the face:


Congratulations, you’ve had the genetic lottery to leave you beard. Almost any type of beard will be suitable for your symmetrical face. The lucky ones with an oval face have features that are not too long, too short, too narrow, or too wide, so they are aesthetically pleasing. Thanks to the curve of the chin, the hair should grow smoothly without rebellious tresses, or sharp angles, so you can try the style you prefer.

If you let your beard grow more on the sides than on the bottom it will be just as good as if you opt for a longer and voluminous beard. Let yourself go. You just have to make sure to follow the care for the beard that we explain later.


 Sometimes it is convenient to know the material with which you have to work. And, let’s be honest, a head as long as wide needs some elongation. Think that the beard is equivalent to a suit that stylizes the figure. The longest beards will be your allied look, but be sure to keep the sides short. If not, you may end up looking like Harry Potter’s Hagrid.


You have been lucky to be born with an Apollonian chin, but if you want to soften the angles, follow the advice for round faces. The key is to avoid widening the face since you could lose definition. Keep the sides short to get the most out of your chin and round the end.


There are two different types of triangular faces: those that widen on the forehead and those that have a strong point on the chin. If you are one of the first, you can leave a rounded beard to create a greater facial symmetry.