The best Beards for a Wedding

Beards for a Wedding


Not many years ago, you could not go to an official act without shaving. It was considered out of place and even dishonorable to go to a wedding with a beard . With the passage of time this custom has been abandoned and with the arrival of cultural movements, their style has been perfected to develop different beards adaptable to the taste of all people.

The first thing you should know is that the beard is part of you , is a feature of your physique, so no one should complain about showing it with pride. The second thing is that beards have a better conception today , especially after the arrival of hipster style, so you do not have to worry, you live in the new golden age of facial hair.

Be aware that if something as natural as the beard allows you to trust more in yourself, you do not have to hide it .

But let’s return to the subject that concerns us, beards and weddings. First of all: are you getting married or going as a guest? Depending on what position you are in, your look should be one way or another, as it can not be otherwise, although the rules regarding the beard do not change much.

If you’re going to get married, the best advice is to be yourself . You must look like that person that your partner fell in love with and if that means wearing a beard, you know.

The best example is Prince Harry , who was presented with a beard on the day of his nuptials , with all the pressure that was supposed for him, since a wedding of royalty (and more in England) is the act where the protocol is respected the most .

It is impossible to heed this advice, because many will pressure you to shave and look like a baby on one of the most important days of your life. Avoid it, please. For the rest, we assume that if you are going to get married you will already have behind you a person who will take care of almost everything (wedding planner), so with your permission we will focus on the look a guest should show .

The first and fundamental advice, the golden rule of weddings, never goes more spectacular than the groom (or the bride). So try to follow the classic indications to wear an elegant suit , but not stunning, as well as the guidelines of the couple. As for the beard, which is what we have come here for, you can go with a beard as long as you do not break these two rules:

  • Do not appear with a beard so long and disheveled that could win the World Championship of the Mustache and the Beard of Virginia
  • If there are explicit orders from the bride and groom against the beards, take it off. Although, honestly, this second one is very complicated to happen

Then we leave a list with the styles of beards that can best combine with a social event of these characteristics.

The best beards for a wedding

They are a good option if you are looking for comfort . They do not give a feeling of neglect and give that touch of maturity and seriousness that is sought with the beard. Also it will not bother you at all when choosing your suit or tie. If you decide to have a beard, you have several options:

  • Royale Beard: it is one of the most subtle styles of beards. The mustache and goatee are divided and the hair dot under the lip completes Johnny Depp’s favorite style. It is a great decision for a wedding.
  • Balbo Beard: It’s a royale but more populated beard . This time the mustache and the goatee are joined , also the front with the rest of the chin. In addition, a small thin strip of hair is usually left running down the neckline. It’s a style popularized by Robert Downey Jr. , although we do not assure you that it will remain the same as Iron Man.
  • Measured Beard : they will always look good in a wedding, because you will let see your whole face but there will still be that point of maturity that the beard gives. They can be a simple point , a small strip or knobs with fine cut.

Traditional beard

These beards pose a greater challenge than the simple beard and to achieve an elegant look with them you must dedicate (and dedicate) more time in front of the mirror. Even so, the traditional beard is in the end the best combination of elegance and facial hair . Not too long, not too short to show your whole face. We leave you some types of beard that you can try:

  • Duckatail : achieved with the shaved cheeks to the limit, leaving all the hair on the neck and increasing the thickness of the beard as you reach the neck. The latter must be elongated and be completely attached to the mustache. It is a very elegant option, with a royale touch .
  • Hollywoodian : consists of a gradient, from least to greatest, in the amount of hair from the side of the sideburns to the beginning of the chin by the sides. It leaves the area of ​​the cheeks more airy , the neck clean of hairs and a more pronounced chin without becoming a Spartan style. It is ideal to give length to the face, covers imperfections, gives a sense of seriousness and is the most used by actors in the movie mecca . But be careful, you are not shooting a movie, but at your cousin’s wedding. Therefore, wearing a ‘Hollywoodian’ beard can be annoying when it comes to drinking. Stay tuned and do not leave any trace of drink or food on the goatee.
  • Beard of three days : after a shave shave, wait about 3 or 4 days to get the heads of the first hairs. Re- shave the entire part of the neck and respect the beard from the neckline up. Remember that this type of beard is subtle, sexy and that lets see the face of who wears it.

Bushy beard

If your beard is huge, the best thing you can do is not fix it too much . Try to trim the stray hairs with scissors so as not to carry a vagabond style, cut the neck area avoiding the collar effect and not comb with exaggerated forms your facial hair.

We leave you some styles to know what you should not do if you want to continue conserving the friendship with the couple. If you comb your beard like this, you will be the center of attention until you are giving the ‘yes I want’.

  • Verdi beard : it is a wild beard retouched towards an elongated and rounded silhouette at its end, while being bulky. The key to this beard is its expansive shape and especially the mustache combed with its ends up . It owes its name to the composer Giuseppe Verdi and causes a furor in the Malasaña neighborhood of Madrid. Sacred for hipsters, it is an option to go for a wedding, but accenting it too much will make ‘more less’ .
  • Old Dutch : the least recommended option. It is a type of beard practically extinct , nobody takes it in the current times. It is a classic rabbi wild beard , large, leafy and eternally long, but adding a distinctive touch: remove the mustache . It is perfect for those who adore the huge beards but who detest the hairs of the mustache. Obviously, unless you go to an Amish wedding, do not go with this court since they may not even let you in. I would not, at least.
Ken Stott, in the role of ‘Balin’ in the movie ‘The Hobbit’, with a beard ‘Old Dutch’ which, as we say, is already an old-fashioned style ‘The Hobbit: An unexpected journey’

It is demonstrated that the options are very diverse , that it is no longer necessary to look like the protocol prototype at weddings (shaving, short hair and black suit with a white shirt) and that the beauty of certain beards can cause fury in social events. So use these tips to get more weddings from a wedding.