Tips For Combining Shirts And Ties

Combine Shirts and Ties

StylesMen brings you a list of tips to combine shirts and ties .Achieving a suitable set is a challenge for men’s fashion. Thinking of those men who have a harder time, we will talk about the basic rules to achieve a good result.

How to combine shirts and ties?

There is no perfect combination between shirts and ties, there is a safe option. The simplest way to assemble a set with these two garments is to choose a shirt in a flat color and a patterned tie. But you don’t have to keep this option.

There are other combinations that will allow you to show your personality. Whether you prefer a classic look, you like to impose presence or take risks with fashion. There will always be a way of saying who you are wearing these garments.

A basic rule when assembling this set is to start by choosing the shirt and jacket and then the tie. When you get to this point remember that plain colors give more authority than those with patterns. The larger prints are more casual and the woven ties give a lot of style and are even more informal.

In the men’s wardrobe this accessory should not be missing. According to the occasion you can play with colors, patterns and textures. But there are some basic combinations of ties that should be clear.

  • If you want the tie to stand out in the set, choose a darker color than the shirt and jacket. Avoiding strong colors like yellow or red.
  • He wears black ties on light colors, not with a shirt of the same color.
  • Red and orange ties go well with white and blue shirts.
  • The greens and blues also stand out with the classic white, but you can also wear them with lighter shades of the same color.
  • As for patterns, the main rule is: ties printed on plain shirts and vice versa.

A tip to combine shirts and ties correctly is to always look for this is always a darker color.

General rules to combine your shirts with ties

The most suitable combination will depend largely on the occasion for which you are going to dress. A formal party, an executive meeting or a more casual outing will have all its own rules. The last option is the one that will give you more freedom; However, there are still some basic rules to follow.

Everything should start with the choice of the suit. According to the style and color you will choose the other garments. See how the shirt looks under the jacket. Generally speaking, if the jacket is plain in color, you can buy printed shirts . On the other hand, if the suit has any pattern, it must be smooth.

Having this first combination ready, you will choose the tie to complete the set. Following the previous rule, use solid colored ties if the suit is printed.

The following rule focuses on prints. Although the basic combinations say that the smooth goes with the patterns, it does not mean that you cannot break that pattern. It is possible to combine a small print with a large one . What you should avoid is that they are the same size. Later we will deepen this aspect.

As for the colors, look for ways to create contrasts in your outfit without losing harmony. The idea is that there is balance between the colors you use.

Another rule has to do with textures. To combine them, similar rules are followed as with the prints. Silk is synonymous with elegance and formality. The woven and velvety are more casual. In addition, the latter are more frequent in autumn and winter than in warmer times.

Safe combinations of shirts and patterned ties

There are rules that can be broken and when we talk about fashion we will always find someone to do it. But even when you want to take a risk, there will be safe ways to do it. And it’s just what we’ll talk about in this section. In the infographic that accompanies this post you will find some tips to mix prints on your shirts and ties. Going beyond conventional solid colors.

Combining lines

The secret of combining the lines of the tie with those of the shirt is that the patterns are of different sizes and go in opposite directions.

That is, if the shirt has vertical thin stripes, the tie should be thicker diagonally, for example. You can choose colors that complement each other. If you want to highlight the shirt, choose a tie that contrasts and has some detail of the same color as the main garment.

Striped shirts also go well with polka dot ties or repeat some other reason.

Coordinated checkered print

Plaid shirts are riskier than striped shirts. The safest way is with a solid color tie. But we are trying to break this. So how can you combine it with another print?

If both garments have plaid, try that in the pattern of the tie there are squares of similar size to those of the shirt. The same with the colors, which are of the same range without becoming the exact same tone.

Tartan plaid ties also work well in this combination, as long as the shirt frames are small. These shirts will also look great with ties of thick diagonal lines.

Color coordination

If you are going to emphasize the combination of colors you have to look at the dominant color of the shirt . No matter if it is smooth or printed, there will always be a color that stands out.

That same tone should be repeated in some detail of the tie. This will make the background color stand out.

Combination of prints

We had also mentioned something about it. Ideally, mix small prints with larger ones. If you are going to wear a small polka dot shirt , the print on the tie should stand out, and vice versa.

There must be a notable difference in the size of both designs.

Combination errors between ties and shirts

After knowing the basic rules of this combination, let’s see some mistakes you should avoid:

  1. Combine white ties with shirts of the same color. The same goes for black.
  2. Wear large plaid shirts with thick striped ties or some camouflage print.
  3. The stripes on the shirt and tie are the same thickness.
  4. Wear ties with shirts that have buttons on the neck.
  5. Large polka dot shirts with checkered ties.

Last tips for choosing a tie

To close, we want to give you some recommendations to choose a tie. First, it is better that you buy your ties yourself. So you are sure they are your style.

Before buying it, think well how you will combine it. Make sure you have shirts and suits that go well instead of buying blindly.